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This Is Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day

Research shows that women with strong legs will have a fit brain when they get older!

A study published in Gerontology has found that women who have strong legs have a "fit" brain that resists the effects of aging. The researchers, who did the study for 10 years, said that there was a "striking protective relationship" between high leg power and preserved/sharp mental ability, so much so that health risk factors for dementia were reduced.

Why leg power, though? The King's College London team aren't sure what the leg (and not so much any other lifestyle factor) has to do with the aging brain, hence more research is needed on that end. But they do say that leg power is a good indicator of whether a person is getting enough exercise to keep the mind in shape. What more, leg strength can also be acquired from a lifestyle that has a positive impact on brain health.

While Dr. Doug Brown, the Alzheimer's Society director of research, admits that no one still knows how they can truly maximize the benefits of exercise for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, the researchers still emphasize the importance of exercise and boosting your physical activity. It won't just do your body well, but your mind too!

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So for all you ladies interested, you can strengthen your leg muscles by doing squats and lunges. But don't neglect your other muscles while you're working out! If you only work out selected muscles, you'll cause imbalances in your body, which can lead to injuries. Meaning to say, don't forget your core.

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