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Why It's Okay To Gain A Little Weight Over The Weekend

Weekend food binge? Don't feel guilty!

So you’ve been sticking to your diet all week long—congratulations! But then the weekend creeps in and you suddenly lose control, and before you know it you’ve finished a whole bag of chips and two cans of Coke.

Okay, don’t panic! It’s totally normal. In fact, it might be even good for your diet.

A new study suggests that it’s okay and normal to gain a little weight over the weekend, as long as you make up for it during the rest of the week. Think of it as a cheat day (or fine, two days) for working your butt off the rest of the week. 

Pigging out from time to time can also be beneficial in the long run. Anna-Leena Orsama, a research scientist with VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, explains, "There is a clear weekly rhythm to weight variation for most people. On the weekends there is more variability and unpredictability in what we eat."

The results of the study showed that long-term habits may make more of a difference than short-term splurges. By sticking to a flexible eating pattern and not depriving yourself of cravings, it may be easier for you to sustain healthier eating habits. Moreover, the success of your diet also lies on your ability to compensate for your weekend binges during weekdays.


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