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Here's How Charlize Theron Trained For Her Role In 'The Old Guard'

The whole movie is just Charlize kicking ass.
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Aimee Spinks/NETFLIX, Youtube/Netflix

I have watched Netflix's The Old Guard a total of four times—and that's with a full-time job and eight hours of sleep. I'm even considering having it play in the background just so I can hear Charlize Theron kick ass. Because that's exactly what she did. 

The Old Guard is about a group of immortals, led by Charlize's character Andromache or Andy, who's trying to do some good in the world while also avoiding captivity. The first fight scene happens 14 minutes in: Andy, Booker (Matthias Schoenaerts), Joe (Marwan Kenzari), and Nicky (Luca Marinelli), fight side by side and I swear, their moves made me want to get off my ass and quit my sedentary lifestyle, lol. 

The cast revealed that they had to do sword training, gun training, and tactical training. Charlize, specifically, had to learn how to fight with a gun on one hand and an ax in the other. She says, "I obviously had to fight like somebody who has been fighting for 6,000 years, and that level of perfection is really hard to come by."

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Stunt coordinator Brycen Counts shares, "Andy moves fluidly from ancient styles to modern, room-clearing techniques."

Fight coordinator Danny Hernandez explains that they explored a lot of different moves: "Judo is the art of taking someone down, pretty much. We have aikido. We went to silat, which is actually an Indonesian martial art. We went to the Filipino martial arts with kali. We went to Northern, Southern kung fu. We went to hung gar. We also did a little bit of the wushu aspect. Definitely a little bit of tae kwan do from the Korean. We also went to Greco-Roman wrestling. Pankration. We went to iaido, with kendo, [both of which] are Japanese martial arts."

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Andy uses a labrys, a traditional ax of the Amazons. According to Charlize, it was the most challenging part of training because she had to make it look like she's been holding it for thousands of years. But we agree with Marwan's sentiment: Who doesn't want to see Charlize Theron wield an ax? ;)


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