Workout Classes Around Manila And How Much They Cost

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This is for everyone out there who's wasted money on gym memberships only to realize that hey, you don't have the energy to go enough times to justify that giant expense. Taking different workout classes might be a better option, and honestly, it might even be way more fun.  


Stressed out with life? Just give it a one-two punch! Boxing is a great way to activate various muscle groups in your body. Not only do you sweat a ton, you also engage your core muscles and improve overall endurance!

Note: Try the muay thai sessions offered in most boxing studios for an added kick (pun intended) to your smashing workout.

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  • Flyweight Boxing Studio: P1,000 walk-in rate; P1,500 trial rate for five sessions
  • Elorde Gym: P2,000 for 12 sessions


This group exercise is all the rage for anyone looking to squeeze in a high-intensity workout to their hectic schedules.

The best thing about spin class? Two words: themed rides. What’s a little struggle when you get to serve looks and rock out to your favorite jams, right? Plus you get to burn as much as 800 calories in one ride. That’s around four donuts or two cheeseburgers!

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  • Electric Studio: P1,000 single-class rate; P990 trial rate for three sessions
  • Ride Revolution: P1,100 single-class rate; P1,100 trial rate for three sessions


A little zen goes a long way. Yoga is all about meditation and finding your inner balance. Just imagine the mind-centering benefits on your crazy work days! Give those ohms and poses a go, and you’ll find yourself calmer and more focused at the end of each practice. Namaste!

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  • Beyond: P800 unlimited one-day rate; P2,000 trial rate for two weeks unlimited sessions
  • Yoga Tree Manila: P695 walk-in rate; P1,495 trial rate for two weeks unlimited sessions


Time to take those secret dance moves to class! Dancing is a fun way to express yourself while challenging your coordination, rhythm, and memory. From ballet to hip-hop to jazz and even tap dance, don’t limit yourself to just one style. Try as many different genres as you want until you find the perfect fit!

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Tip: Think you’ve got two left feet? Start out with beginner’s classes which focus on foundation and basics.


  • Brewing Point Dance Studio: Price varies per class.
  • EF Studios: Price varies per class.


Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses mainly on low-impact flexibility and core-strengthening movements. If you’re all about achieving that amazing booty, this would be an ideal start. We can’t complain about getting toned abs, either.

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Note: Most pilates studios also offer yoga practices. Max out your sweat sesh with some back-to-back classes!


  • Plana Forma: P650 walk-in rate; P3,000 for five classes
  • Barre 3: P700 single-class rate; P1,500 trial pack for three sessions

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