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12 Signs The Internet Is Your Life

You wish clouds would send Wi-Fi signals instead of rain.

“I don’t need the Wi-Fi password,” said no one ever. For people who can't live without it, the internet is a constant companion from the first morning notification, to the last few minutes of Instagram-scrolling before bedtime. 

These days it's impossible not to see anyone walk past you with a cellphone in their hands, whether it's because they're texting or playing Pokémon GO.  If you cannot live without the world wide web, this one's for you. 

1. The moment you wake up, you're on your smartphone/laptop.

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat, check! What if you missed more Taylor Swift or Jelena drama when you were sleeping? ~*GASPS*~

2. When there's a brown out, while other people worry about the lights, the aircon, or the fridge, all you care about is the Wi-Fi.

Because you need to finish that last episode of Stranger Things, NOW. #cliffhangerproblems

3. The first thing you ask when you go to a restaurant is, "Ano 'yung Wi-Fi password?"

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What you don't want to hear: "wala po kaming Wi-Fi" OR worse, "for restaurant use only, po." BUT WHY?!

4. You wish clouds would send Wi-Fi signals instead of rain.

Especially when your Skype call is suddenly cut short.

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5. Instead of going out on a Friday/Saturday night, you choose a good movie to have dinner with.

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What haven't I watched on Netflix? Hmm, iFlix free trial na lang tonight.

6. You spend so much time on the internet, life passes you by.

Looks at clock: 3 a.m. "Hmm, I'll just check Facebook/Instagram one last time." YEAH, RIGHT.

7. The full-body flinch when you're using your phone in bed and fall asleep—only to wake up because you (nearly) dropped your phone on your face.


8. You're always the first to know if something happens in the celeb-sphere.

"OMG Taylor and Tom broke up!" ~*YAWN*~. The Biebs deleted his IG? SO last month. Miley and Liam are writing a romantic play together? Wait, WHAT?!

9. There's always a green dot next to your name on everyone's chat list because you're always online.

But you hate it when a random person messages you to rant because you're the only person still awake. Or when you wake up the next morning with the keyboard imprinted on your face. 

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10. You get angry AF every time you have to drive through a tunnel.

Especially when you accidentally liked your crush's IG post from 52 weeks ago and need to wait for the data signal to come back. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

11. Free Data is your best friend.

...Until you find an incredibly interesting article but can't access it because it's not on Facebook.

12. This is your worst nightmare.


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