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Those Jose Mari Chan Memes Are Out; It's Time To Start Christmas Shopping!

Here are a few cute gift ideas to keep in mind.
PHOTO: Facebook/Jose Mari Chan

Do you ever wake up and feel like you've lost all concept of time? 'Cause same. Sometimes I wake up in panic on a Sunday thinking I've overslept, lol. But the same can't be said for when you start hearing Jose Mari Chan on the radio or seeing those iconic memes all over social: It means Christmas season is fast approaching! Here are a few memes that'll make your day: 

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And because Christmas is the time of giving, you may already be low-key coming up with gift ideas for your family and friends. Let us help you out!

For a plantita in the making:

There's always that *one* friend who you know wants to be a halamom but is too afraid to try. Gift her a hard-to-kill houseplant to start with para hindi overwhelming: Go for a spider, snake, or zz plant! 

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For your best friend, who can't keep anything alive:

If hindi talaga kaya, here's an easier option: dried flowers! There's a reason why so many celebrities love 'em. Gift your BFF bouquets of dried flowers along with cute and quirky pots or stunning unique vases

For anyone obsessed with mirror selfies: 

As a supportive bb, all you want to do is let her know her Christmas OOTDs are *fire*! What better way to do that than by sending her a full-length mirror or an ~aesthetic~ one that'll sit pretty in her room?

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For a nap person:

Or someone who just really needs to some sleep, consider a comfy pajama set, sleeping masks, weighted blanket, or relaxing essential oils. And if they love food, too, go the more creative route with a milk tea pillow or pizza blanket

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For someone who's always on their phone:

Believe it or not, cute, dainty phone cases aren't as expensive as you might think. You can totally find ones for less than P500. Make it ~*extra*~ special by customizing it for your friend or sibling already. 

For a coffee or tea drinker:

Can someone actually have too many mugs? The answer is no. Here's a collection of matte, minimalist coffee mugs! Double-walled glasses are also super popular right now: Check out these character double-walled cups your best friend will surely love. 

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For an It's Okay To Not Be Okay fan:

Got a K-drama buddy who cried while watching every episode of It's Okay To Not Be Okay. Give her a piece of the drama with any of these IOTNBO merch: a Mang Tae doll, a The Boy Who Fed On Nightmares book, or an OST album. 

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