Cosmo Fitness Video: Pilates You Can Do At Home (Cool Down Routine)

To wrap up your Pilates routine, learn proper cooling down with Pilates stretches in the last of our Pilates videos.

You already know that before doing a Pilates routine, you should do a few warm up exercises to prepare your body for the rigorous workout. Cosmo's Pilates instructor Hazel Imperial showed you easy-to-follow and simple routines that target the abs and thighs in the second video, and the waist and back in the third video. Working these key body parts will help you achieve a sexier and toned body that's in-demand this bikini season.

And now you get to your cool down routine, which a lot of people often take for granted, when it is in fact vital to your workout. After pushing and pulling your body to its limits, you need to bring your body back to its relaxed state gradually. The last Cosmo Pilates video teaches you basic stretching exercises to properly end that workout, cramps-free.

Video by Chaps Ongchap

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