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20 DIY Wall Decor Ideas If You're Feeling *Extra* Crafty

The blank wall is your canvas, baby.
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Ever find yourself staring at an open wall in your home and just think, "ew..."? Yeah, that's because plain white walls are EW. But that empty space on a wall can be very tricky to fill, especially if their blankness is never-ending and you're worried about making the wrong decor move. That's where I (hi!) come in. You could say that I'm always here looking out for you, and now I'm here for your walls. Add some much-needed liveliness with plants, do some art projects with common household thangs that'll look great in your living room, or even learn how to weave macrame (hipster looks good on you, friend).

    You may not consider yourself a DIY kween (el oh el, same), but these projects have easy-to-follow instructions that will make you feel like you've been using a saw and painting your whole damn life. Here, the best DIY wall decor projects for you to take on RTFN.

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    1. Paper Flower Wreaths

    This is childhood craft time meets adult wall space at its finest. Customize the colors of the flowers to match your already-outfitted room, and it'll be the perfect addition to that boring wall you've always dreaded looking at.

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    2. Circular Woven Wall Hangings

    Let's be honest, these circular wall hangings don't necessarily look like an easy DIY project. They'd also make great presents too. Just saying...

    3. Boho Wall Hanging

    This is literally something I would get online at a bougie website but you can actually make it for way less than that by following these easy steps. Your friends are going to freak out when they find out that you made this beauty. Be warned: They might ask you to make them one too.

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    DIY Hanging Wall Decor I am loving these #diyweek because it is keeping me motivated to get projects done. I loved this wall hanging when I saw it on home depot but there was no way I was paying $240 for it. So happy we were able to create this dupe for less then $20!! I shared the process over on my stories & I'll save it so you can refer back. If you make one, I would love to see it!! . . . . . . . . #diy #diywalldecor #macramewallhanging #neutralhomelove #hunkerhome #MyModernLook #apartmenttherapy #marvelatmyhome #thedelightofdecor #interior123 #meetmyretreat #hunkerhome #mycrumbshome #aabhome #shareyourhomestyle #designattractor #thesimplenaturalhome #utahbloggers #utahmom #hyggehome #dwell #hyggevibes

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    4. Wooden Pegboard

    If you have a HUGE wall, lots of ideas, but no clue where to start, this wooden pegboard is your answer. You can add as many sections as you want and are able to fill the board up with all your random knick-knacks. Look how chic they are all together!

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    5. Shower Curtain Wall Art

    DIY projects can be pricey depending on the tools you need, but this is one of the most budget-friendly tutorials you can take on. All you need is a shower curtain and some wood to make a frame. Boom.

    6. Wood Slat Wall

    Add some dimension to your space with some wooden slats. It'll bring unique vibes to a room that would otherwise be filled with plain walls.

    7. Living Gallery Wall

    If your all-around obsession with plants is thriving, your living gallery wall will too once you plant these babies. This one might take a littttle bit more long-term effort from you, but if you love the vibrancy and the mood-boosting qualities that fresh plants bring to your home, then it's definitely worth the extra work. And if you don't yet have that green thumb, maybe take a look at these plants that are almost impossible to kill.

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    8. Flower Wall

    Bring a pop of color to your room with this (faux) flower wall situation. It's easily customizable based on your color palette and would look so good right behind your bed (headboards are overrated).

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    Do a flower wall of your own using my tutorial I just posted ??SWEETTEAL.COM

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    9. Corkboard World Map

    Things that are necessary for an at-home office space: a functional desk and this corkboard world map that you can easily make yourself. While you're zoning out over the flood of emails (sorry bosses, it happens) you can look up at your beautiful map and reminisce on the trips you've taken and the places you're dreaming of going.

    10. Marble Wall Art

    I know it sounds crazy, but the answer to that random corner you're always looking to liven up is...shaving cream. You can easily make these gorgina marbled art pieces with some shaving cream and a little bit of acrylic paint. People will see your chic walls and wonder "is that a Picasso?" 

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    11. Painted Rope Wall Decor

    This painted rope wall decor is perfect for a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or literally any room containing an empty wall. It'll bring a nice pop of color and is a great activity for your upcoming Girl's Night In paired with some vino. It's truly a win-win.

    12. Painted Wall Arch

    The painted wall arch is the newly popular way to add a little something. Match your desk accessories to the color of your arch and you'll feel like a new and even more productive person. I swear!

    13. Picture Ledge Gallery Wall

    What better way to showcase your cute AF photos than on top of your crafty AF DIY project? Answer: there is none. All you need is some wood and a drill to create this stunning picture ledge. TBH, you'll spend more time picking out the perfect pictures for the ledges than you'll spend building it.

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    14. Mirror Gallery Wall

    Every home needs that well-placed mirror on their empty wall, but what are you supposed to do with the rest of the space? To avoid answering this question, create a mirror gallery. It's a fun way to add some extra dimension and color to the room while showcasing some of your personal style. Tutorial: find mirrors you like and hang them on the same wall. I swear it could not be easier.

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    Fall is here and doesn’t it make you want to get every corner of your house as warm and cozy as possible to settle in for the months ahead? I don’t live in this little beauty everyday, but it’s the dreamiest tiny Victorian rental cottage you will ever go to in Leipers Fork, TN called the #sweeneycottage ?? This was my mirror wall that I worked on for hours the day before Arlo was born. It was the last part of the house unfinished and when the doctor told me he was coming early, I hightailed it to the antique store to get this knocked out! A curated mirror wall does not have to be expensive, find an antique mall or flea market nearby (or even better a little further out in the country to save some bucks), and start pickin! I love a mix of gold, wood, beat up silver, and frameless to make it all come together. Don’t get out a ruler, just start hanging (always decide what the focal piece is for the center first) and then adjust as you go. It takes a few hours to get there, but it has so much more personality than a planned out mathematical equation of a wall. Get ready for lots of holes as you work your way through the design! I threw in a few antique platters on the bottom row also ???? Bead board is high gloss tricorn black by Sherwin Williams, antique wooden chair by one of my faves @scarlettscalesantiques. Blue floral wallpaper by @thibaut_1886 in the far right corner ???? I lived here when I was 24, and had the opportunity to renovate it 10 years later with a friend who bought it. You can rent via @whitesroomandboard, walk next door to @thespaatleipersfork for truly glorious massages and facials, walk to the opposite side next door for the most insane food @1892leipersfork, and you’ve got yourself a dreamy weekend to boot!

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    15. Leaf Art

    If you're not into the whole "fill my entire wall up with plants" look but can't commit to a watering sched, try this project instead. It's a minimalist's answer to adding some foliage to the walls.

    16. Paint Swatch Art

    For the Pantone lovers, may I suggest a paint swatch turned art piece? It's completely DIY even though it looks like you could've ordered it from a severely overpriced operation. Do it yourself, and you'll be happier with the look and the price tag.

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    ???????????? See the DIY on A Beautiful Mess tonight—link is in our story! #ABMcrafty

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    17. Macrame Wall Hangings

    I know macrame looks decently intimidating, but with some tutorials and a little bit of courage, you'll have those empty walls covered in no time. They add that touch of boho-chic that your space is definitely craving.

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    ?ARIA ?? The latest piece from my Root collection ????I made this with my 7mm cotton cord and a Pine Root I found out in nature! You can find this piece and the 7mm cord on my website. ???? Tap the link in my bio and tag a friend who may be interested ???? ? ? ? ? ? ? #modernmacrame #macramemama #tbt #macramesupplies #stayathomemom #stayathomemomlife #macramecord #colorfulrainbow #macramerainbow #macramewallhanging #womensupportingwomeninbusiness #macramedesign #rearviewmirror #macramemovement #macramemakers #fiberart #fiberartist #macrameallday #fiberartistsofinstagram #elkantler #antlerwallhanging #antlermacrame#wovenart #mominbusiness #utahentrepreneurs #entrepreneurminds #antlers #antler

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    18. Geometric Wood Wall Art

    FYI: You're going to need some legit tools for this one that probs don't come in the mini toolbox your parents gave you when you moved into your first apartment. But it's 100 percent worth it for this geometric wall art that's way better (and more reasonably priced) than anything you'll find in a store.

    19. Scalloped Wall

    The scallop pattern is maybe the cutest thing you could add to your walls. Switch up the color based on your preference. All you need is a lot of paint and a lot more patience to take on this project.

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    How long do your kid’s rooms stay clean for? I cleaned Eloise’s for a little story tour yesterday and it lasted about .5 seconds ???? she definitely takes after Dan in that department ???? I loved creating this big girl space for her full of vintage furniture and sweet pink accents. And it’s almost time for Hawk to get a big boy room because I’m about to steal his crib for the new babe ???? we’re cruising along on the nursery/guest room and now have a Murphy bed that successfully opens and closes! ???????? head to stories if you missed the action last night! Today it’s more arches + cane! ???? happy Wednesday! . . . . . . . #girlsroomdecor #girlroomdecor #pinkroom #ihavethisthingwithpink #littlegirlsroom #jennylind #vintagefurniture #toddlerroom #kidsroomdecor #scallop #pinkwall #housebeautiful #diypaint #handmademodernhome #breinspired #HowIHaven #FindItStyleIt #SMMakeLifeBeautiful #SODomino #JungalowStyle #MySMPHome #IDCOatHome #mcgeeandco

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    20. Fabric Flag Word Art

    A fabric flag serves as a blank canvas that's ready to showcase any word your heart desires. You can make the flag as large as you want depending on the amount of space you have on your wall, so it's perfect for any room in the house.

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