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15 Pancake Toppings You *Must* Try That Are Not Maple Syrup

Move over, plain syrup.
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I swear, pancakes have been my go-to meal during the quarantine. Breakfast, merienda, midnight snack—all of these can all be filled in by pancakes! Flapperjacks serve as a blank canvas because you can turn into a sweet merienda or a savory snack. That said, let me present to you the best topping ideas you can add to your hotcakes:

(*Ed's note: Never forget to smear butter before putting these toppings! It just makes everything better.)

Best Pancake Toppings and Sauces

  1. Condensed milk + peanut butter

    Simple yet it works!

  2. Mangoes and sweet syrup

    You can use fresh mango slices or you can opt to boil the cubed fruit in sugar syrup.

    Best Pancake Toppings
    Courtesy of Ira Nopuente
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  3. Ube jam + desiccated coconut

    Nobody can refuse this. Boil ube jam in coconut milk to create a sauce. Pour on top of pancakes. Add a scoop of ube jam for good measure.

  4. Nutella and banana slices

    If it works on crepes, it works on pancakes, too. 

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  5. Melted white/milk/dark chocolate and strawberries

    Girl, this pair is a STAR. 

  6. Chocolate overload: Chocolate syrup + choco chips

    Best with pancakes with choco chips. Not for the faint of heart.

  7. The "Twix"

    Drizzle caramel sauce and chocolate syrup on the pancakes. Top with Twix bars for that *extra* touch. 

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  8. Caramel sauce + whipped cream + vanilla ice cream

    Damn, this is the dream. 

  9. Condensed milk + grated cheese

    Do you miss yema cake? Here's her sister.

  10. Vanilla ice cream + any fruit

    Trust me, this works.

  11. Vanilla ice cream + crushed graham crackers + mango slices

    Mango float, who?

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  12. Spreadable cream cheese + strawberry jam

    The Victorian sandwich is shaking.

  13. Cheez Whiz + Arla Cheese Spread

    Made for cheese lovers.

  14. Maple syrup + bacon strips

    Fry bacon with a bit of maple syrup before topping it on the pancakes. 

  15. Smoked salmon + cream cheese

    Adding smoked salmon makes ordinary pancakes super fancy. 

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