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Here's Why You've Been Craving A Lot Of Desserts During Quarantine

Science has an explanation!
Why We Crave Sweets During Quarantine
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We've been under quarantine for almost half a year, and we have to say: Pinoys have never craved desserts more than ever. To satisfy this desire, some Pinoys learned to bake their own sweet treats. On the other hand, some have been ordering a lot of desserts from online sellers. Whichever category you relate to, there's a science-backed reason that explains this.

Drumroll, please: Apparently, stress has a lot to do with these habits. Scroll down to see our mini-investigation!

Quarantine bakers and shefs

Fun fact: Culinary art therapy exists and this helps people channel their stress through baking and cooking. Taking this concept in mind, if you identify yourself as a quarantine baker, you are simply using your time in the kitchen as a way to comfort yourself during this strange and difficult time. Plus, creating something out of nothing makes you feel in control. Kneading dough or mixing cake batter can be calming, too. So, just continue whipping up those tasty treats! We're here to support your banana bread and sourdough adventures!



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Quarantreat fans

Now, if you're the type who is always on the lookout for new desserts or quarantreats—this just your way of reacting to stress. Humans resort to eating as a form of reaction to discomfort (hence the term "stress-eating"). Plus, sugary foods reduce your ability to feel stressed. According to Healthline, sugar suppresses the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis, the part of the brain that controls your body's response to stress. Although this habit may work for you, you must keep in mind that chowing down a slice of cake or a piece of cookie only provides temporary relief. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself, but meditation and basically slowing down are more effective methods to destressing. 

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