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PSA: You Can Now *Hide* Likes On Instagram Posts (Finally!)

Instagram new feature: Hide like counts

As unwilling as we are to admit it, Instagram has *a lot* of power over how we feel about ourselves. So much so that one of the number one tips people give and get when it comes to practicing more self-love is a feed cleanse: Follow accounts that don't make you feel like shit and people who inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

I'd argue that this *pressure* to be loved started when the app was new and we all just tried to hit "11" likes. Remember that? When the list of Instagram handles turned into "11 likes" and you experienced euphoria? And even though we're already aware of how detrimental it is to base your worth on the attention you get on the app, we can't deny that not much has changed.

Until now. Instagram recently announced a new feature: It's giving users the option to ~hide~ their like count on public posts. On their blog, they said, "What one person wants from their Instagram experience is different from the next, and people's needs are changing. We've been working closely with third-party experts to better understand how to empower people, build self-awareness and shape a more positive experience on Instagram...Changing the way people view like counts is a big shift. We'll continue working on new ways to give people more choice, so they feel good about the time they spend on our apps."

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Instagram feature: How to hide "likes"

For individual Instagram posts, it's as simple as tapping the three dots in the upper right hand corner and clicking "Hide Like Count." Instead of seeing a number, you'll see "Liked by [one account] and others."

Instagram feature: How to hide like counts on individual posts

But! You can *also* hide likes on other people's posts. Go to Settings, click "Privacy," and tap the new "Posts" option. This lets you turn off all like counts on your feed as well as hide the like counts on your own posts.

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Instagram feature: How to hide like counts on your feed


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