People Confess Why They Unfollowed Their Friends On Facebook

'I got tired of seeing her face. Too many selfies!'
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It’s one thing to unfollow trolls and people you don’t really know online. But what if it’s someone you actually hang out with in real life? We surveyed people to find out what made them unfollow friends and loved ones on Facebook. Turns out there are common denominators.

The Negatrons

“My businessman friend always addresses his (imaginary?) haters online. His wall is filled with the likes of ‘I don’t care people think, but…’ and ‘Haters gonna hate!’ He claims he doesn’t care about his haters, but he always posts shout-outs to them on Facebook and Twitter. Unfollow.” Trisha, 27, manager

“Our friend CJ* is the type who’s easily offended. The problem is: He is also negative and mean—both online and in person. He’s the life of the party but makes fun of everyone—fat people, rich people, other races, depressed people, ‘ugly’ people, persons with disability, married people…everyone. He is always the first to roll his eyes and sneer at his own relatives and friends. He’s been part of the barkada since college, so we just tolerate him. As for me, I got so tired of his negative persona, so I unfollowed him years ago.” Kris, 30, copywriter

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“My cousin is always nagpaparinig on Facebook. Whether it’s about fights with his GF or enemies, we are all updated. Unfollow.” Mika, 24, nurse

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“Whenever my best friend and I would have an argument, she’d post passive-aggressive statuses (that would let our closest friends know something’s off between us two) even though we’re still talking in person. It was annoying and stressful (not to mention our closest friends would start pestering me about the reason/s she posted those things), so I unfollowed her. Not reading her patutsadas was more conducive to making up. Haha!” Yda, 35, copywriter

Too Much Of Anything

“I got tired of seeing her face. Too many selfies!” Mark, 21, student

“My friend is sweet and adorable IRL, but her online persona is TMI. She posts several albums of almost everything that happens in her life. For example, if she goes out to dinner with friends, you will see albums #1-5 of that one dinner. She posts albums upon albums of everything—parties, her engagement, wedding preps, pregnancy, and even her labor. She even wanted to FB live her actual birthing! Now that she’s a mom, she posts day-by-day baby flat lays. I know she’s happy and all, but it’s too much. When I unfollowed her, I found out that several other common friends have done the same.” Eileen, 32, doctor

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“I unfollow people who won’t stop posting about their relationships (that don’t last anyway). It stops being cute when declarations of love are completely over the top.” Gina, 34, entrepreneur

“I unfollowed my cousin who posts bikini photos of herself every day. She’s not even an artista or model.” Carla, 32, HR manager

“When our college heartthrob became a dad, he started documenting his baby’s daily life on Facebook. Day 1: Baby’s first poop, Day 2: Throwing up, Day 3: Surprise in diaper… When it got to Day 100, I unfollowed him.” Michelle, 27, accounts manager


“My friend Joanna* paints a perfect picture of her life online. Her husband takes and edits all her photos—from the baby’s room to the food they eat. Everything looks like a magazine production. After years of not seeing her, we finally had a reunion in her house. Turns out her life is so different from what she portrays online! Her house is messy, her husband cheated on her but she downplayed it, and she looks nothing like her filtered photos. I rolled my eyes so hard.” Katrina, 29, designer

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“I unfollowed a model friend recently. She always calls for prayers—in caps!—so that she can get a spot in a TV commercial or a fashion show. Then she proceeds to thank God irrespective of the outcome. How about thanking those who did pray for you? Disclaimer: I’m an atheist, so I wouldn’t pray for her either way.” Timothy, 33, web developer

“I no longer want to see my friend’s humblebrag posts, which are probably 90% of what you’ll see in her timeline.” Jenn, 28, freelancer

“She uses the hashtag #blessed way too much!” Clark, 22, entrepreneur

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

“I unfollowed a lot of friends because they were close friends with my abusive ex-boyfriend whom I never wanted to hear about again. I had already blocked my ex, but I knew he’d show up in our common friends’ posts in one form or another, so they got an automatic unfollow. Sorry, not sorry.” Janie, 35, PR practitioner

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“I just broke up with someone. I’m okay with being friends, but to help me move on quickly, I unfollowed him on Facebook.” Jen, 22, student

Fake News

“My former high school teacher is a Marcos apologist and rabid Duterte supporter who posts fake news. Whenever my classmates and I would rebut her false arguments, she doesn’t reply. She replies only to those who agree with her.” Fred, 26, grad student

Kasi post siya nang post ng fake news!” Gabby, 28, lawyer

“My former colleague is a Duterte supporter with a major following. I’m neither pro nor con, and she gave me a fresh perspective on the president. Her arguments were logical and backed by credible news, so I actually listened to her. But as the months went by, she turned into a blind supporter who posts fake news. She berates people who say bad things about the president, but pulls out the human rights card when people say bad things about her fellow P-Duts supporters. Sayang, she used to be one of the logical ones.” Mia, 37, editor

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Wonderful Business Opportunities

“I have a friend who constantly posts items to sell. Every so often, my newsfeed turns into a bazaar. I know it’s hard to earn a living, but it’s better to use the right avenues.” Troy, 29, programmer

“I unfollowed someone because of his flooding of MLM (multi-level marketing) posts. He posts endless product photos, customer testimonials, and pictures of wads of cash. I eventually unfriended him when he started chatting me up to join.” Jess, 26, teacher

“Years ago, I unfollowed my friends who became pyramid scammers. Now I’m unfollowing the new breed of MLM pests—those who keep posting photos of those whitening toothpastes, inviting other people to help them sell for a commission, but are masking it as a ‘fun social networking project.’ Same banana.” Kate, 36, writer

*Names have been changed.

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