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Here's How You Can Create Positive Energy In Any Room

Good vibes only. ;)
How to create positive energy at home
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With everything that's happening in the world, living in a home that's filled with positive energy is considered a luxury. It's challenging not to think or be negative during this strange time, and TBH, it's okay to feel that way. But the good news is you can't control what's happening outside of your house, but you can take charge of your space.

Cultivating positive energy at home can help you think clearly and feel lighter. A UCLA study says that your surroundings can affect your moods. So, when your living space has good energy flow, your life will follow suit. 

If you want your home to give you good vibes, check out the five major things you can do to help create positive energy in any room.

  1. Get rid of clutter.

    Your surroundings reflect and affect your mind. It’s like a vicious cycle. If your room is cluttered, your thoughts and feelings are filled with unnecessary things that are not serving you. Set aside time to clear your space. You can ask help from loved ones if you find this task overwhelming. You may also focus on one particular area first (like the nightstand), and then move on to your drawers. Breaking down this task will help you accomplish it.


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  2. Use a calming color palette.

    The colors you see before you doze off and when you wake up may affect your mood. Reiki healers recommend using a pastel color palette at home to calm down your senses. They also warn against big, bold prints that may be too ~much~ for your brain to process, especially during the times you want to focus on a task or relax.

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  3. Avoid open storage.

    As mentioned earlier, clutter triggers anxious thoughts and uncomfortable feelings. So, when you see your stuff exposed on shelves and surfaces, your body produces cortisol, a stress-related hormone. This is the major reason some choose to become a minimalist, but not everyone is built to adopt that lifestyle. The best alternative would be to go for storage furniture that "hide" your belongings from plain sight like drawers and cabinets.

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  4. Set intentions and detox your space.

    Tarot card reader, The High Priestess, recommends to light up either a Palo Santo or sage and to set intentions as you smudge the room. The smoke will shoo away negative energy, and your intentions will help attract positive energy.

    Create positive energy at home: Sage smudge stick
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  5. Place crystals in your room.

    Crystals are another source of healing energy. Choosing the right ones to help you overcome anxious thoughts or to attract certain opportunities. The most popular energy-healing crystals are malachite (mental clarity), citrine (productivity), rose quartz (love), and amethyst (overall detox).

    Create positive energy at home: Healing crystals
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