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10 V-Day DATES That Are FREE

Having the best Valentine's date ever doesn't need to cost a fortune. In some cases, you don't even need to spend at all! Here are 10 of them.

1. Go on a "dinner date" at any grocery store that gives out nibblers (try Rustan's or Robinsons Supermarkets). Then, hit up a wine shop during a tasting night. For dessert, stop by an ice cream parlor (like Gelatissimo) and ask to taste-test a bunch of flavors.

2. Get your dose of national pride. Head to the National Art Gallery or the Museum of the Filipino People in Manila on a Sunday, where you can take a non-guided tour absolutely free.

3. If you're traveling, get a friend to refer you to any of their relatives. With hospitality an inherent trait in every Pinoy household, they'll be sure to welcome you and provide more than enough cultural or culinary sustenance.

4. Or, do a condo swap. Even if it's just down the street, being in new surroundings lends your stay the fun, exciting vibe (plus red-hot sex) you get when you're on a trip.

5. Don't shell out to see a ball game. Stay home and watch from your own couch, with popcorn, chips, and softdrinks on hand. Bonus: You can make out during halftime without drowning in the sounds of defeaning drum battalions.

6. Stock up on books without having to buy any. Bookstores like Fully Booked let you browse through and read from their collections in library-like settings. Pick a book and an isolated aisle, and get busy with your man...reading the book, that is (or not).

7. Check out Munchpunch, and sign up to receive e-mails alerting you to zero-charge drink promos. Then, meet up with your guy to enjoy these after-work cocktails. Hungry? Go to a bar that serves complimentary snacks.

8. Want to have a night out with him--art, wine, cheese--and pay nada for the whole shebang? Go to a gallery opening.

9. Sex, of course, is the ultimate sexy thing to do for free. But, the price of pleasure can add up. Sexual health promotion website Sex and Sensibilities occasionally has contests for freebies like condoms and Brazilian wax serums.

10. Take a dip in the neighborhood pool. Your village pool is usually free for use by homeowners. Just make sure to check with your subdivision's office if it's reserved. Choose a weekday morning (good thing V-Day 2012 falls on a Tuesday!), when you can have the pool all to yourselves.

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