12 Love Issues You Can Solve In Seconds

Clashing sex styles, the parent predicament, the toilet seat feud--learn how you can avoid these common relationship conflicts by compromising with your man.

You know those certain conflicts between you and your guy that just keep recurring, until you're about ready to go psycho on him? Well, we came up with a more logical strategy for finding common ground: Compromise. Here are 12 common relationship conflicts that can be solved in a jiffy.

1. Scoring More Booty Without Losing Sleep
Conflict: He's a night owl. You turn in early.
Resolution: Make happy hour sex an after-work, pre-dinner ritual.

2. Making Hook-Ups Hotter
Conflict: He digs doggie-style. You prefer positions that feel more connected.
Resolution: Lie facedown with him lying on top of you. Voila--intimate doggie-style.

3. Meshing Your Post-Sex Preferences
Conflict: He passes out after sex. You want to cuddle.
Resolution: Have him spoon you as he drifts off.

4. Solving The Toilet-Seat Feud
Conflict: He leaves the seat up. You don't like hitting cold porcelain at midnight.
Resolution: A padded seat cover--it makes it virtually impossible for the seat to stay up.

5. Helping Him Get Along With Your BFF
Conflict: He is low-key. Your best bud is usually high-strung.
Resolution: Channel her nervous energy and his video-game obsession into a Wii punch-out match.

6. Whipping Up A Late-Night Snack
Conflict: He craves pizza. You're into health food.
Resolution: Make your own whole-wheat pizza that's light on cheese and heavy on gourmet toppings.

7. Having Happier Meals
Conflict: He scarfs down dinner. You eat slowly.
Resolution: Order pancit and dimsum, then use chopsticks.

8. Syncing Your Communication Styles
Conflict: He's a texter. You're a caller.
Resolution: Facebook chat. It has the back-and-forth of a phone call, but you're still typing.

9. Fixing Money Discrepancies
Conflict: He has a penchant for pricey restaurants and bars. You have a much tighter budget.
Resolution: He pays when he wants to go somewhere out of your range.

10. Finding The Perfect Saturday Night Plan
Conflict: He's a homebody. You're a social butterfly.
Resolution: Invite friends over to your place for cocktails.

11. Coming To A Wardrobe Consensus
Conflict: His fave tee is stained and full of holes. Your taste is pulled together.
Resolution: Take him shopping for fashionable graphic tees.

12. Bonding With His Parents
Conflict: He's superclose to his folks. Their politics drive you crazy.
Resolution: Take them to a show or event instead of dinner to avoid long conversations.

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