13 Ferocious Foreplay Moves To Drive Him Wild

Channel your inner vixen with these seductive, take-charge tricks that'll drive him insane with desire.

1. When he leans in for a kiss, pull the back of his head closer to you with your hands. Lightly tug on his hair as you kiss to reinforce the message that you can't get enough of his mouth on yours.

2. Just before you go down on him, lick your lips and whisper in his ear that you can't wait to taste him.

3. Pin his hands above his head, and use only your breasts to give his chest a sexy rubdown. Put a dab of lotion on your nipples to enhance the skin-on-skin sensation.

4. Give him a real-life wet dream: Invite him to join you in the shower, and then surprise him by getting on your knees and taking his penis into your mouth. The warm stream of water against his back combined with the warmth of your mouth will feel so good, he'll need to brace himself against the shower bar to stay standing.

5. Give him an F-me-now kiss: Stroke the back of his neck with one hand, grab his butt with the other, and press your boobs into his chest and your pelvis against his.

6. While you're going down on him, stop and lick his penis along the shaft, then massage his tip all over your upper body--lips, cheeks, breasts--all while maintaining eye contact.

7. While you're making out, take two of his fingers and press them against the outside of your underwear to let him know just how wet he's getting you.

8. As he's giving you oral, rock your hips in rhythm to his movements, and lift your lower half toward him to show how into it you are.

9. Push your guy down on the bed with his arms by his sides, and straddle him so that your knees lightly pin his forearms against his body. Tantalize him by showing peeks of skin for a few seconds (lift a bra cup and let him catch a glimpse of nipple) while simultaneously circling your hips like you're riding him cowboy-style.

10. Sneak up behind your guy while he's on the phone and reach around to grab his penis. Use a firmer, underhand grip to re-create the way he touches himself while giving him warm, breathy kisses (if you're tall enough) from just below the earlobe to that ultrasensitive spot where the bottom of his neck meets the top of his back.

11. When you're sitting side by side, such as at dinner or in the car, silently put his hand between your legs and move it in circles.

12. Once he gets completely naked, take a step back and let him watch your eyes roam over every inch of his body. You can kick the naughtiness up a notch by stroking yourself as you do it.

13. Take off his underwear using your mouth. Grasp the bottom of one side of his boxers in your teeth, and pull down (give him a silly grrr as you strip him). When you have his boxers halfway down his backside, go to the other side and repeat. Once they're past his butt, bite the center of the waistline, and pull down.

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