19 Ways To Become A Sex Goddess

Want to give your man a V-Day present he’ll remember for years to come? Send him over the edge by being the greatest lover he has ever had!
There are women who are great in bed, and then there are sex goddesses—chicks who not only have a stash of killer seduction tricks but whose finely tuned sack skills push men over the edge. In addition, they’ve mastered an enthusiastic, almost-anything-goes attitude and know how to make any guy feel like a great lover. Most important, they do all this without compromising their own pleasure. As for becoming a bona fide sex goddess yourself, integrate these scorching tips (gleaned from top sex experts) into your repertoire and you’ll attain that supreme status, too.

Goddess Secret 1: Start preplay in the AM.

Bliss masters plant the seed of desire early so it has a chance to grow all day. “When you’re planning on having a hot night, begin foreplay in the morning,” says Olivia St. Claire, author of 302 Advanced Techniques for Driving a Man Wild in Bed. Tricks that fuel his lust: Wedge a naughty note under his windshield wiper or give him a deep kiss before scooting off to work. As for getting in a frisky frame of mind yourself, mentally replay a sexy memory or fantasy when you have some downtime.

Goddess Secret 2: Find erotic inspiration everywhere.

Say you’re putting on a pair of heels for a date and you realize they make your legs look ridiculously hot. Tap into that later and keep your stilettos on in the sack. Or if you suddenly notice how plush your man’s hall carpet is, make a mental note to suggest getting it on there one night soon. “Great lovers zone in on the passion potential in any everyday situation,” says California sex therapist Linda DeVillers, PhD. Throughout the day, put your senses on high alert—savor delicious smells and tastes, sexy sights, feel-good fabrics, and sensual music. It’ll help you develop sex goddess-grade carnal spontaneity.

Goddess Secret 3: Coax a man out of his carnal safe zone.

Men tend to fall into position ruts because they’re focused on climaxing. “He’ll opt for the tried-and-true move he knows will get him off,” explains Ava Cadell, PhD, author of Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Oral Sex. “But he’ll be glad if you push him to try new stuff.” After all, that’s what gifted sex partners do. Figure out what else he’ll enjoy based on his go-to position. Example: Doggie-style dudes may also love reverse cowgirl because of the similar angle.

Goddess Secret 4: Give hot teases.

Cop this superior seductress technique: Simulate sex during foreplay. Rhythmically suck his fingers or slide his hand back and forth between your breasts. “Acting out a preview boosts arousal because it’s so close to intercourse,” says Barbara Keesling, PhD, author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex.

Goddess Secret 5: Step on the brakes—twice.

The harder it is to get something, the more you usually want it, right? Lust lesson: “Delayed gratification builds physical tension and emotional excitement,” says St. Claire. For instance, lick his penis, then stop and run your fingers over his chest. Next, take him entirely into your mouth for a few moments before stopping again. Finally, give him full-on oral action. Slowing down two times will give a hotter payoff than being unbridled off the bat. Do this during intercourse, too.
Goddess Secret 6: Push the peak.

At the moment of climax, incorporate a small but powerful move to heighten the experience. Squeeze his thighs with your hands when you’re on top, kiss him hard, or arch your back so that your breasts thrust up against him in missionary position.

Goddess Secret 7: Send passion signals.

You know how sometimes you’re in the mood for a quickie and other times you want sensual sex? Clue guys in to those cravings. “When men are turned on, their ability to interpret physical signs is heightened,” says Cadell. For example: Knead his tush for forceful action; trail your finger down his back for a gentle response.

Goddess Secret 8: Modify your moves.

Erotic experts have amassed an arsenal of creative positions. Well, here’s one of their best tricks for inventing them: Do a de rigueur sex move standing up. For instance, instead of regular girl-on-top, have your guy scoot his butt to the edge of the bed and lie all the way back. Lower onto his member while standing on the ground over him. “Because you’re stimulating different spots on his penis and in your vagina, you’ll both feel new sensations,” says St. Claire. Another frisky twist: Add gravity. Instead of good ol’ missionary flat on the bed, hang your shoulders off the mattress. Just tell your guy to be prepared to pull you up if you get a head rush.

Goddess Secret 9: Double the pleasure.

Great lovers are aware that “touching multiple erogenous zones piques a guy’s sensitivity,” explains Keesling. If he’s on top, tug his hair with one hand while kneading his butt with the other. Or during girl-on-top, play with his nipples as you lean over and nibble his neck.

Goddess Secret 10: Know that almost anything can be a pleasure toy.

To be a superior lover, transform everyday items into bedroom accessories. “The shock factor adds to the allure,” says DeVillers. “It shows your sexual imagination is vivid.” Hot ideas: Spank him with a paddle brush (backside please!) or blow through a straw on his package. Just make sure the object is clean.

Goddess Secret 11: Engage in liquid lust.

“Many women don’t use lube because they figure if they’re aroused, that’s enough,” says Keesling. But adding store-bought moisture can boost the sensations, no matter how turned on you are. Rub your inner thighs with the slick stuff and have him slide his penis in and out between your legs before entering you.

Goddess Secret 12: Tap into his pillow-talk persona.

News flash: Not all guys crave dirty talk. “Every man wants to hear he’s great in bed, but the kind of pillow talk that makes one guy hot might turn another off,” says Keesling. Reading his foreplay body language to figure out the lingo that’ll boost his ego is a sex goddess must. If he’s a gentle kisser, he may prefer sensual speech (“I love how you touch me”); if he’s a bit rougher, chances are, he’s into raunchier talk (“You feel so big”).

Goddess Secret 13: Do unexpected things with their bodies.

“The more you surprise your man, the more aroused he’ll get,” says Cadell. Carnal queens come up with tons of creative, frisky ideas, and one source of inspiration is their own bodies. Some mind-blowing moves that don’t require you to be a contortionist: Tickle his testicles with your hair or stick your heels into the back of his thighs during sex.

Goddess Secret 14: Amp up the risk.

Sexual savants know one way to score a major buzz during nooky is to up the risk of getting caught. Seduce your guy somewhere semi-public. One idea: Leave the shades open while hooking up. “In risky situations, your body releases extra testosterone and activates neurotransmitters in the brain, which increase arousal,” explains Cadell.

Goddess Secret 15: Maximize body contact.

Try to touch as much of his skin with yours as you possibly can during sex to create the sense that you are melting into each other. “This traps your body heat and feels very intimate,” says Cadell. The primo positions for connecting on this level: missionary with his chest against yours, doggie-style when you’re both lying down, or standing.

Goddess Secret 16: Keep your hands on yourself.

Touching your body during sex brings you pleasure while sending him the message that you’re confident—a requirement for any sex goddess. Zigzag your finger down your chest or stroke your clitoris before climax. “He’ll feel like you’re giving him a show,” says Keesling. “Just make sure you also let him know you like what he’s doing.”

Goddess Secret 17: Squeeze from within.

It turns out that one of the most powerful tricks is invisible. But erotic aficionados have perfected this secret inner flex. At any time during sex, grip his penis with your PC muscles (the series of pubococcygeus muscles that you contract to stop a stream of urine). “It provides you with more friction and enhances pressure for him,” says DeVillers.

Goddess Secret 18: Lock eyes during oral.

An experienced woman knows a guy loves watching her pleasure him (glance up when you’re going down on him--he’s probably looking at you), and she capitalizes on that by giving her man a sexy stare mid-action. “This instantly increases intimacy,” affirms Cadell. It also turns him waaay on.

Goddess Secret 19: Hit instant replay.

The moments immediately after sex are crucial to sealing in the hotness. First, mentally savor the highlights. “This will make the pleasurable effects last longer,” says Cadell. Then several minutes post-booty session, turn to look at him and simply say, “Damn, that was good.”
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