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28 MORE Sex Tips And Tricks He'll Love

Real dudes tell you exactly what they want from you in bed. Go ahead and put them to the test!

1. "Climb into my bed looking innocent, then do extremely dirty deeds. A girl who looks virginal but is really a sex kitten is every man's dream." —Carl, 25

2. "Let me go deep during missionary by planting your feet on the bed and using the leverage to thrust toward me each time I push into you." —Ivan, 33

3. "One woman I knew would trace her finger from my balls along my cheeks and up to my back. Then she’d do the reverse. It was hot." —Steven, 21

4. "Sometimes my girl tweaks her nipples between her fingers. They get hard right before my eyes." —Kim, 36

5. "My current girlfriend treated me to a 'bed dance': She had me lie on my back while she slowly rubbed herself along my chest, stomach...and finally my package." —Arlo, 28

6. "During sex, my girl sometimes pumps her fingers against my shaft, enhancing my sensation." —J.P., 19

7. "One night, my girlfriend stopped the action and pointed to the camera she'd set up in the corner." —Justin, 21

8.  "After climax, a guy's head can feel overheated and tingly. If you gently pull his hair and massage his scalp, it will quickly relax him." —Chris, 29

9. "Rub my penis against your lips, like you're applying lipstick." —Henry, 23

10. "The night after I got a big promotion, my girlfriend said she was going to give me only oral sex all night." —Ken, 32

11. "Once after climaxing, my girl held the same rigid, arched-back pose for a  minute until her panting subsided, like she never wanted to let go." —Norm, 26

12. "Try this 69 twist: I'm on top giving oral to my girl, but instead of using her mouth, she lets me slide my member between her breasts." —Alain, 24

13. "Watching a woman do yoga is the hottest foreplay you could have without touching each other." —Jonjon, 29

14.  "My current girl turned me on to slower, more sensual sex. My favorite way to experience it: She and I will sit cross-legged, wrap our arms around each other tightly, and gently rock our way to orgasm." —Xavier, 24

15. "Never underestimate the power of stilettos. You don't even have to walk in them…just have your way with me while wearing them." —Victor, 25

16.  "An old girlfriend used to lift her arms over her head during missionary so that her breasts jiggled in rhythm with my thrusts." —Jimmy, 28

17.  "I had a fling with a girl who would prop her hips with a stack of pillows so she could better receive oral from me. The higher pose allowed me to pleasure her longer." —Jeremy, 25

18. "Do what my first girl did: Moan my name while I pleasure you." —Eddie, 28

19. "My lady and I discovered a fantastic way for her to give me oral: I kneel at the head of the mattress with my back to the wall. She spreads out stomach-down across the bed so I have a view of her hot body." —Cocoy, 31

20. "Giving me oral is always good, but using your hand as an extension of your mouth is way better and will leave me weak in the knees." —Peter, 27

21. "Straddle me, then bring your knees up to your breasts, so I can see and feel you at the same time." —Julian, 34

22. "My girlfriend once came to bed in a long, red wig. A week later, she was a pixie-cut brunette. I felt like I was with a new girl each time." —Andrew, 33

23. "My girl goes down on me in a semi-public place. The risk of being caught triggers an insane orgasm." —Ram, 18

24. "My old girlfriend would have me pull out so she could rub my shaft against her external wetness." —Spencer, 22

25. "There's something so taboo about giving a girl oral from behind." —Ian, 18

26. "After climax, it's uncomfortable to wilt inside a condom. Your guy will love it if you remove his condom right away and stroke his shaft." —Justin, 29

27. "My ex enjoyed teasing me by stopping by my office with her blouse partly unbuttoned. I was at work, so I couldn't do anything about it." —Joseph, 31

28. "Grab my head and grind against my lap, pushing my face into your breasts." —Nolan, 30

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