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3 Simple Moves To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Cosmo Sutra positions aside, these easy yet no-fail tricks will make him more pumped up to please you in the bedroom.

Describe A Sexy Dream

Tell your guy that you had a dream about him--even if you didn't. He'll ask what it was about, so say it's still hazy but you think you were having crazy sex in the kitchen. Drop dirty details like "I was propped on the countertop, and you lifted my skirt while kissing my neck..." He'll walk around puffed up the rest of the day.

Snag His Button-Down

Strut around in his oversized shirt. "A man will love the fact that you're wearing a part of him," says Fran Greene, a dating and relationship coach in Long Island, New York. "Plus, seeing you engulfed in his clothes will make him feel masculine because you'll look so tiny inside something that fits him perfectly." To pull it off stylishly, pair with a dress or skinny pants, and cinch with a belt.

Pay Him A Carnal Compliment

After your next sack session, when you're recovering from how intense things felt, say something flattering about how awesome his sex skills are. For example, "It's amazing how you always know exactly where to touch me." He'll feel like a stud hearing that he pleases you, and the erotic ego boost will get him psyched for the next time you two hit the sheets.

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