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3 Ways To Make Everyday Valentine's Day

Sure, today promises to be extra romantic, but you can keep the flame alive with these simple tricks.

1. Do good together.

A study recently revealed that men and women find altruistic people more attractive. But, you don't need to make like Brangelina and adopt an orphanage--just pick one afternoon this month to volunteer together.

2. Wow him in red.

He'll think you're flaunting the color of love for Valentine's month, but actually, you're secretly seducing the guy. New research from the University of Rochester found that men were more turned on by a crimson shade than by any other hue.

3. Just let go.

In her new book, Real Sex For Real Women, sex therapist Laura Berman, PhD, explains why it takes us longer to get revved up than it does guys. It turns out that women's brains are better at multitasking, making it tough to focus on bliss. To get more out of the moment, zero in on specific sensations, like the feeling of his lips touching yours.

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