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32 Bedroom Tricks That Will Take Him To The Edge

Real men share which sexy moves they loved most and will never forget. Get inspired to try them out with your man!

Every man has at least one smoldering sex moment he can't get off his mind—a mattress memory he's drooling at the idea of experiencing again. But you can't force your guy to fork over the dirty details if he's too bashful to do so. Therefore, you're just going to have to make his lust wish list come true by trying out these bedroom tricks, all straight from the mouths of real men who told Cosmo what made them feel fan-freak-in'-tastic under the covers.

1. "My ex would splash her t-shirt with water while washing dishes. As soon as I saw her nipples through the fabric, I'd have to touch them." —Bart, 22

2. "While we were going at it from behind, the woman I hooked up with let out a hoarse, guttural scream. I'd sure like to hear that again." —Nick, 28

3. "My girl held my tongue in place with her teeth during a make-out session while she tickled the tip with her own tongue. Electrifying." —Howee, 30

4. "A girl once squeezed her PC muscles as hard as she could against my member in the middle of sex. What a smokin' treat." —Ver, 35

5. "Before my lady and I got together, she'd find ways to let me know that she was wearing sexy underwear—like running down the stairs really fast in a short, flowy skirt. The sight compelled me to get to know her better." —Jorge, 23

6. "Seeing a woman's lips glide over the neck of a beer bottle always makes me think of her mouth on me." —TJ, 21

7. "I'll never forget the time a girl commanded me to lie still during woman-on-top while she turned an entire 360 degrees with me inside her. I felt every inch of her." —Warren, 27

8. "My fiancee will lean back on the bed and use her fingers to spread herself wide, as if she's inviting me to explore her body." —Art, 29

9. "One time, my girl brought me to the brink, then walked into the next room. Minutes later, she returned wearing a sexy camisole. We started the action again, but then she left…only to return in a jaw-dropping push-up bra. This torturous fashion show went on for four different outfits." —Milo, 31

10. "I love when a woman rubs on a little hand lotion before stroking my package. It's unbearably silky." —Mike, 26

11. "My ex used to totally thrill me by riding me reverse cowgirl–style and pinning my ankles to the bed." —Dominick, 24

12. "When I put a finger in my girl, she inserted one of her digits too so I could feel our fingers together." —Sandro, 29

13. "After climax, my girl led me to the bathroom, where she had a hot bath waiting. I felt like a king." —Philip, 24

14. "My ex would meet me at not-so-busy bars and pull me into the restroom for raunchy, against-the-wall sex." —Max, 21

15. "I really dug going down on my college girlfriend; she'd grind her pelvis into me in a frenzy." —Gary, 23

16. "My girl once dragged me to a furniture store to buy a nightstand. By the time we brought it home, I was in a bad mood. Then I opened the drawer and saw lube and a vibrator. My mood improved instantly." —Dennis, 29

17. "A girlfriend once left on a leather belt while I took her from behind. The image of the leather jostling back and forth with each thrust…wow." —Richie, 27

18. "Reach into your panties, then touch my lips with your wetness." —Troy, 28

19. "While giving me oral, most chicks stop as soon as I reach my peak. But this one woman kept her lips on me through my climax. It was heavenly." —Chuck, 27

20. "When you're near the point of no return, whisper four-letter words into my ear—the really dirty ones." —Alfred, 23

21. "Make me explode during doggie-style sex by turning your face to the side and making out with me." —Paul, 35

22. "Your guy will always want to go shopping with you if you let him into the dressing room as you try on your clothes—especially lingerie." —Nathan, 21

23. "Run your fingers around the area where my balls meet the rest of my body. It feels so nice." —Eric, 31

24. "When she was feeling kinky once, my woman told me where she wanted me to blast off—on her breasts, on her stomach, or inside her." —Bam, 26

25. "Suck the tip of my penis forcefully. This elongates your lips, which creates intense suction." —Bryan, 30

26. "This chick leaned against the dresser and stuck her butt out for doggie-style. I definitely obliged." —Glenn, 23

27. "My girl pretended not to want to kiss me. I had to use my tongue to pry her mouth open passionately." —Ron, 25

28. "Once, my office phone rang, and when I answered, I heard my girlfriend at home moaning about how good it feels to touch herself." —Jakob, 28

29. "I go wild when a girl sucks the head of my penis while running her nails up and down my shaft." —Karl, 23

30. "It's so hot when a girl curls her leg tightly around mine as we kiss deeply. It's like she wants me so bad, she can barely restrain herself from scaling me like a tree." —Noli, 27

31. "One time, my girlfriend suddenly lifted her leg up practically over her head, completely changing the angle of penetration. I saw stars." —Ian, 18

32. "My lady likes to lie facedown on the bed, with her legs straight and her arms at her sides. To enter her, I have to push past her legs and cheeks. The resistance is really hot." —Lem, 21

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