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4 Things That Make Your Guy Happy

Think you know what your man really wants? At least keep in mind that these four things matter to him, too, as much as you do.

1. Visiting mom and dad. Men see it as more pleasurable than women do, because they may spend time hanging with their dads, while chicks may be expected to help out with household duties.

2. A good social life. Women rely on an emotional network of pals, but for guys, it's important to have a loyal wingman to hit the parties with.

3. Sports. Both sexes manage bad moods with engaging activities, but guys need the competition of a pick-up game of hoops after a hellish day.

4. A close, loving relationship. Here's where we agree. Being in a partnership helps both genders deal with stress. Sex also ranks high--more so than for women--for putting a smile on a guy's face.

Source: Dale Atkins, PhD, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Phd, Princeton UUniversity study, and the Journal of Happiness Studies.

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