lusts for"? Possess these bedmate qualities and be unforgettable in your man's sexual history."/>
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6 Sexy Traits That Will Make Him Fall In "Lust" With You

Want to be "the one he loves" and "the one he lusts for"? Possess these bedmate qualities and be unforgettable in your man's sexual history.

You already got him head-over-heels in love with you, but you'd also like him to fall head-over-heels into bed with you--and with that same burning passion. Or, perhaps you're hoping to make a lasting impression on the guy you've been seeing (and on his sheets).

Whether married or dating, first time or hundredth time, we know that as a Cosmo girl, you're not content with giving your guy just any ol' experience in bed. Instead, you want to top his best-ever list and permanently tattoo yourself into his brain as the chick whose sex techniques brought him unparalleled, knee-buckling bliss.

Read on for the randy requirements that will make you the woman of his wildest, naughtiest dreams.

Lust-Worthy Trait 1:
You Know How To Build Anticipation

Few guys have the self-control to create (on their own) the kind of erotic anticipation a girl can give them. So when they get excited, they want to get busy right there, right then. That's why most men really dig it when a woman teases and tantalizes.

"Show him how much more passionate a drawn-out lust session can be and he'll credit you forever with deepening his sex life," says sex therapist Rebecca Rosenblat, author of Seducing Your Man. And then there's the payoff when he finally does boil over: a super-intense orgasm.

Lust-Worthy Trait 2:
You Make Sex Fun

Sack sessions can be soulful, intense, and deep. But c'mon, not every moment has to have the sexual energy of a Barry White song. In fact, guys wish that more chicks would acknowledge the lighter side of nooky.

Making sex fun isn't just about acknowledging blunders, but creating a sense of silliness. "Men love being playful, so getting goofy between the sheets will leave him feeling at ease with you," says Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, author of Touch Me There! Tip: Some playful wrestling can lighten up the mood and get him to loosen up.

Lust-Worthy Trait 3:
You're Very Enthusiastic

Quick—when was the last time you jumped your guy? You may be wondering, Who the hell keeps count? But he may. "Guys are thrilled when a woman initiates sex because it shows how excited you are to be with him, and enthusiasm is a huge ego booster," says Sandor Gardos, PhD, founder of Plus, it gets boring always being the aggressor—all the more reason to throw him onto the bed and have your way with him or whisper one morning before work that you need satisfaction ASAP.

Another option: Show off your erotic enthusiasm outside the bedroom. When you're at a restaurant or any public place, try discreetly slipping a hand into his back pocket and giving his butt a quick grab.

Lust-Worthy Trait 4:
You're Not Body Shy

Body confidence is hot. Basically, guys want you to be self-assured enough to show off more of yourself, and they don't like having to ease your fears about your butt being too big or your puson being a turn-off. The typical man isn't detail-oriented enough to notice these so-called flaws unless you draw attention to them. "That's why a confident woman who acts like she's sexy is sexy to men," says Daniel Amen, MD, author of Sex on the Brain. It's all about your mindset, not your measurements.

Lust-Worthy Trait 5:
You Tell Him Exactly What You Want

The average dude's number-one nooky goal is to make you shiver and quiver, which is why men wish more chicks would clue them in to the specific touches and moves they crave.

"When women are quiet about what gets them aroused, guys are forced to guess—leading to a ton of anxiety," explains Michael Bader, DMH, author of Arousal: The Secret Logic of Sexual Fantasies. "A girl who tells him what she desires helps him be a better lover, which is what he wants."

But speaking up in detail can be tricky. If you focus on what he's doing wrong, you might make him feel insecure. And if you're too subtle, he may not get the point. Tip: Direct him with positive sexy statements ("Oh, that's so hot") or to make it seem less like you're giving orders, bring on the moans of approval to get the message across.

Lust-Worthy Trait 6:
You Have A Signature Move

Just as a signature fashion style will make you stand out in a crowd, a signature sex move will propel you to the forefront of a man's booty memory bank. "No need to invent an entirely new position; just personalize a specific trick so it becomes yours," explains sexuality educator Jamye Waxman, author of Getting Off: A Woman's Guide to Masturbation.

To cultivate your own sex specialty, identify what you're good at—like that you're super-flexible and can get into some limbo-like positions or you have a hand technique that makes your man's knees weak. You could also create a move around the body part of yours he lusts for most. If he's crazy about your breasts, run them across his body from head to toe. He loves your legs? Slick them with baby oil and hang them around his shoulders. You'll know you've struck gold when, post-climax, he just stammers your name over and over and over…

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