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How To Have A Chill AND ~*Hot*~ Date Night At Home With Your Partner

Staying in is the new cool.
Hot Date Night At Home
PHOTO: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

Date night at home is underrated. Staying in is the new cool because 1) there is still a pandemic and 2) gas prices are at an all-time high. We promise it won't be boring or be just like the "other" nights. Below is a short and sweet guide on how to make a chill night with your S.O. super fun!

How To Have A Hot Date Night At Home With Your Partner

  1. Spruce up your bedroom.

    Since you two are just staying at home, make your bedroom feel like it’s staycation-worthy. You don't need expensive sheets, a luxe mattress, or hotel pillows. Simply declutter a bit and change the bedsheet and pillowcases. Nothing beats a clean room, plus freshly laundered bedding.

  2. Play the "explain a movie badly in one sentence" game.

    If you both love watching films and series, you must try this. This may sound ~mainstream~ but explaining your favorite movie or series in a few words is one of the best things to do. You two can debate on the most unforgettable scenes or characters—but remember, don’t take things *too* seriously, because you don’t want to ruin the mood!

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  3. Hit up a cool playlist.

    Pick a music genre or mood and create a playlist out of it. Or, you can watch YouTube music videos or live performances of your favorite artists. You can pretend you two are watching a live concert and sing along to the songs! You may also listen to slow tunes that will make you feel a bit ~naughty~.

  4. Involve some alcohol. ;)

    Now that we're on the topic of playful fun, why not add alcoholic drinks to your list? May we suggest a soju drink to match your K-drama night or share a bottle of wine to pair with your chill music playlist. Have a light meal or enjoy some charcuterie. Basically, keep things light so neither of you end up falling asleep due to a food coma.

  5. End the night with a ~*hot*~ and sensual sesh.

    Stay close (ahem, super close) and enjoy a sensual evening with your beau. To enhance the pleasurable experience, talk about what you both like. If you've been together for a long time, keep communicating about it because you'll never know if there is *something new* they'd like to try. Here are some sex positions you both can check out. We also recommend this guide for people with vaginas.

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    Go slow at first so you can explore each other's bodies. Then you can elevate things by adding sex toys to the mix or simply by using a lube! ICYDK, lubricant can make sex more pleasurable! We personally recommend water-based formulas that are safe for the genitals and won't stain the sheets, too!

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    Practice safe sex and use a condom (or several!). Try one that’s super thin so you’ll still ~feel~ everything. ;)

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