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How WILD Should You Be In Bed?

Find out how much of your wild side guys really want to see...and how much will scare them away.

You've probably heard male friends sing the praises of girls who are "crazy in bed." But, there's such a thing as good-wild (he sees your uninhibited side) and bad-wild (he has to see a chiropractor or shrink after the act). So to make the distinction, we asked hundreds of men via a Cosmo poll how far they like women to push the passion envelope.

The Moves They Crave

One irrefutable finding of our survey: Guys dig women who are enthusiastic in bed. That may mean being up for giving and receiving oral sex, wearing hot lingerie, or asking to go multiple rounds. "Going down on a guy and wearing sexy underwear signal that you are really into him...and are willing to go that extra mile to stimulate him visually and physically," says clinical psychologist Victoria Zdrok, PhD, author of Dr. Z On Scoring. Men also want a woman who loves sex and isn't afraid to sample new things. When asked what words they associate with good-crazy chicks, guys said adventurous, experimental, and creative.

What Can Freak Them Out

While men appreciate it when you shake things up in the sack, they do have boundaries (who knew?). Some respondents described such activities as anal sex, playing with their backdoor, being into S and M, and offering to bring another woman to bed as over-the-top for them personally.

But, even guys who are kinkier sometimes don't like it when a woman kick-starts the action. "It seems that men want you to be open to experimentation in the bedroom when they suggest it, but they don't necessarily want you to initiate wilder moves," says Amy Levine, certified sexuality educator and founder of "Proposing anything that may appear choreographed can give them the impression that you've tried doing that with lots of other guys."

And contrary to popular belief, not all dudes are comfortable with anal sex. "Some men still associate it with being gay," says psychologist and sex therapist Katherine Rachlin, PhD.

How To Find His Threshold

The only way to truly tap in to your guy's desires is to feel him out...mentally. "Wait until you're really connecting, such as during an intimate dinner at home," says Rachlin. Then, casually mention a hot move you read about in Cosmo or a steamy film scene you just saw and say, "I'd be up for trying that. What do you think?"

If you prefer to broach the subject in the bedroom, take baby steps. Rather than tying him to a bedpost or setting up a camcorder, point to his tie lying on the floor and coyly say, "Hmm, let's come up with some fun uses for that." Then, allow him to suggest the next move. If he seems weirded out, simply drop the topic. But if a devilish grin spreads across his face, let the "crazy" antics begin.

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