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From 'Om' To 'Oh!': Meditation Could Actually Improve Your Orgasms

PHOTO: istockphoto

"Everything in moderation." People throw this saying around, but in my humble opinion, it doesn't apply to orgasms. The more, the merrier. 

If, for some reason, you aren't getting the kind of orgasms you want, the Internet is a treasure trove of information on how to overcome this little hump. For example, our hero, ~*science*~, is back with some good news: A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who are more relaxed have better orgasms. 

Think about it: After a long, stressful day, you probably don't feel the sexiest, and your sexual arousal is virtually non-existent. The study revealed, "Women who show an increase in cortisol in response to sexual stimuli in the laboratory have lower levels of functioning in certain areas of their sexual life compared with women who show a decrease in cortisol. Stress related to sexual performance may interfere with sexual arousal."


Meditation can help with that. It'll train you to be more present in your body. This also means your mind becomes clearer and more able to handle stressful situations with composure. This is backed by a study published in the Journal of Sex and Martial TherapyAfter surveying 451 women, researchers found a link between meditation and improved sexual performance: according to measures of "sexual function, sexual desire, interoceptive awareness, and mindfulness," 193 women who practiced meditation had better orgasms compared to the 275 women who didn't. 

So, sit back, relax, and orgasm. 

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