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Men Reveal Their Most Memorable Bedroom Moments

Real guys describe the hottest unforgettable sexual experiences they've had. You may learn a thing or two from their creative girls!

"My girlfriend once came to my office around the time people were starting to leave. She shut the door, got on her knees behind the desk, and gave me oral sex right then and there. Normally, she was a pretty good girl, which made it even more unexpected." - Tonio, 33

"The sexiest thing a girl ever did was totally take charge of me in bed. She wasn't even particularly rough; she simply made it clear that she was running the show. She ordered me to lie on the bed, showed me where to touch her, and told me exactly how. I was just her pawn!" - Denis, 31

"After showering together, a girl and I were drying off in front of a mirror. She bent over a table, looked at my reflection, and arched into me as if to say 'Go for it.' It gave me a whole new view while doing her doggie-style, and she could see how wild it drove me." - Timmy, 27

"I used to date this woman who would always want me to tell her how good it felt to be inside her and how much I loved it--which I did! She also had me use really dirty names for her down-there region and for my own member. It felt so wrong and yet so incredibly hot." - Mon-mon, 26

"On my first night with a new chick, after having a long bout of multi-positional sex, I woke up about three hours later to her stroking me and whispering how she wanted to go again. Four hours after that, I woke up to her on top of me. My little guy was on fire, but I loved how she seemed like she couldn't get enough of me." - Brian, 27

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