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These Are The Most Common Masturbation Fantasies

The top answer is actually pretty surprising!
PHOTO: Nick Onken

As someone who openly talks about sex—and I don’t just mean for work—hearing about people’s sexual fantasies is always fun! I once had a friend tell me that she masturbates to her own body. (Clearly, she’s on another level, you guys.)

But what or who do most people fantasize about when they’re practicing a little self-love? 

Sex toy retailer Lovehoney conducted a survey with 4,500 participants and found that a majority of men and women—69 percent and 60 percent respectively—actually masturbate to their partners! So romantic, right?

Before you get kilig, however, the second most common fantasy involves ex-lovers. And this is true even for participants who are far from single. LOL! This doesn’t necessarily mean that bae’s dreaming of cheating on you with his ex, though. 

According to sex and relationships expert Tracey Cox, “Fantasies allow monogamous couples to get all the pleasure of 'new' sex without the pain of broken hearts and relationship. Most people have the odd struggle balancing the pros of monogamy (history, soul mate connection, love, comfort, kids, support) with the cons (having to say no to temptation just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you don’t find others attractive). A rich fantasy life can offer the solution to keeping everyone happy.” 

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Unsurprisingly, BDSM is another common masturbation fantasy.

Just waiting for your call, Mr. Grey. 

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