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Relationship Tips: 4 Ways To Spoil Your Guy

Men always want to feel adored. Give him that extra-special treatment in four simple gestures.

1. Do Something Special

“When you schedule an activity that you know he’ll like, such as bowling, it assures him that he’s a priority, which is an ego stroke,” says couples therapist Dan Wile, PhD, author of After the Fight.

2. Indulge His Quirks

“Early in a relationship, you humor a guy if he’s 10 minutes late,” says John Gray, PhD, author of Why Mars And Venus Collide. But later, you nag him for his tardiness. Offer up the same understanding you used to (within reason, of course) and he’ll feel the love.

3. Claim Him

When you’re out in a group, wrap your arm around your man like you don’t give a rat’s ass what people think about your PDA. “It thrills a guy to know that everyone will say ‘Wow, she’s really into him,’” says Wile.

4. Wake Him For An A.M. NOOKY

Wrap your legs around him and kiss his back. He’ll totally (and happily) take advantage of the fact that you’ve got that lovin’ feeling so early in the day.

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