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Guys Aren't As Sexually Satisfied As Girls At The Start Of A Relationship

It changes over time, though.
PHOTO: Nick Onken

Anyone who’s ever been in a long-term relationship knows it takes a lot to keep the spark alive. You probably expect that feeling of excitement—physical and emotional—to be the same for both men and women in the beginning of a relationship, but as it turns out, bae might not be as satisfied as you are.

In a survey involving over 2,000 people, DrEd found that while 74 percent of women were happy with their sex life, the same wasn’t true for men. DrEd studied the participants’ sexual preferences and how those changed over time. During the first six months of their relationship, only 51 percent of men were thrilled about what was happening in the bedroom.

But between six months to a year into the relationship, both the men and women had a change of heart. Women were suddenly less satisfied than their male counterpart; only 47 percent of women were ecstatic, while men’s sexual satisfaction increased to 65 percent.  

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What’s more disappointing, though, is that after four years with someone, both parties were generally dissatisfied with their sex lives. How come? According to an anonymous participant, “It’s all about talking to the person because the slump is usually mutual. Communication is the key to greatness.”

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When you hit that four-year mark, you’re probably just chilling in your comfort zone and have forgotten to exert effort. Nobody’s judging you—it happens to the best of us. If you feel like not much is happening between the sheets, talk to your partner about what you can do to ignite the ~fire~ so you can go back to doing it like rabbits (only this time, it won’t take him forever to find your G-spot). ;)

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