Why Your Guy Wants You to Like His Friends

Friendship is just as important to us as it is to you. To strengthen the relationship, don't let the romance get between the bromance.

It’s never fun when a girlfriend does not approve of our barkada. Our friends are our chosen family, an extension of relationships built and nourished over time. Now imagine your significant other constantly pissed and irritated at the people you can count on when the shit hits the fan, the ones you’ve shared unforgettable memories with throughout the years. Not cool, right?

Befriend his friends and you might just find yourself an unlikely ally or two.

1. Happy Hangouts
Get rid of the inevitable initial awkwardness by first trying to actually hang out with our buddies. You don’t have to be an NBA aficionado or a beer pong expert to get to know your man’s best friends. Feel out their vibe, and don’t be afraid to try out new things with them. “It’s important for my girlfriend to get along (with my friends) because I’m showing her an important part of my world,” says Kevin, 25, an account executive. Plus, once you’ve got their seal of approval and they’ve got yours, they’re likely to keep you more involved and in the know.

2. They Know Everything
Think of our friends as your personal information gateway—the key to learning things about your guy you can’t get him to spill himself. Now, keep the questions about ex-lovers and sexual escapades to yourself, because the bro code still applies when it comes to information dissemination (you might not like what they have to say anyway). Stick to more practical queries:  Ask about how he was in high school, what happens to him when he’s drunk, if he likes to play pranks. You aren’t always around nor have you been around him all his life, so learning about how he is when he’s not with you will clue you in on his real self.

3. Extra Ears
Things are bound to get rocky at some point and you’re going to need an extra set of ears to hear your problems out and solve your relationship dilemmas. While the logical thing would be to first approach your closest friends and maybe, family, you know that their two cents on the situation will definitely be biased. “My girlfriend asking my close friends for advice is cool with me because it means she’s really making an effort,” explains Mig, 26, a writer. “The people who know me best are my homeboys, so for her to approach them for advice about me, and sort of break that ‘close friend/girlfriend barrier’ is good.” Go the extra mile and ask his closest friends (whom you are most comfortable with and preferably not attracted to) for some unsolicited advice. Just don’t always expect to hear what you want to hear.

4. Two Thumbs Up
Imagine your friends constantly hating on the man you love. What a downer, right? We thought so, too—and it works both ways. Make the effort to seek our friends’ approval because their opinion matters to us just as much as your friends’ opinions matter to you. If you’re truly invested in your man, you’ll find ways to cross that bridge. Start by attending one of their inumans to break you in. From there, you can organize your own shindig and invite his friends over. While you’re at it, invite their girlfriends, too. That way, you can swap notes and make more friends of your own.

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