Daring Clothes: Tasteful Or Trashy?

Our Style & Beauty columnist defines the fine line between sexy and skanky clothing. Read on.

There’s truth to the saying, “Life is a stage and we’re all but characters that play a role…” So we’re playing roles huh? But, um, what exactly are we wearing?

Call it shallow, but wardrobe has always been integral in helping us send signals to the world and more so, the opposite sex (or same, whatever floats your boat)! Even those who supposedly don’t care about fashion, just by their “I-don’t-care” ripped shirts and stinky jeans, without saying a word, have made their point clear.

Now, what about those who love to show some skin or cleavage--those whose outfits make you want to exclaim "Nagdamit pa siya!"? What signals are those women sending men? No doubt an erection or two may spring about, but even if the penis' movement is an involuntary muscle movement, men’s preferential taste is not.

So when it comes to grabbing a man’s attention or making a so-called fashion statement at that, how do we define the fine line between looking trashy and tasteful? Allow me to walk you through it.

TRASHY: Wearing a short skirt, plunging neckline, strappy high heels, AND see-through top (you get the picture, right?)
TASTEFUL: Choosing a focal point by only picking one body part you wish to expose or draw more attention to. If you have a tight butt, opt for a form-fitting skirt or dress (not necessarily short)--think Kim Kardashian. Expose only your best asset or you’ll be a target for harsh criticism on your nasty cellulite!

TRASHY: Wearing a “come hither” dress to meet your boyfriend’s parents.
TASTEFUL: Unless you want them to see you as anything more than just “a good time,” remember that there is a time and place for everything, so dress appropriately!

TRASHY: Tight tops with buttons and breasts bursting or low-rise jeans revealing your lace thong from behind.
TASTEFUL: Well-fitted clothes (even if they're see-through) are so sexy, while ill-fitting ones are just skanky, so remember: fit is key to looking fabulous!

TRASHY: Wearing white or cream to a wedding--that’s not yours! Stealing a bride’s or any celebrant’s thunder on their special day is just crass and only reveal poor breeding on your part.
TASTEFUL: Given the theme and dress code, be a cordial guest if you still want to be invited to anything ever again!

TRASHY: Wearing your nails too long, you’d make Wolverine proud! No amount of fancy polish can make a man see this claw-like look as sexy.
TASTEFUL: Massaging your man without digging into his skin! French tips (medium length maximum) or bare and clean are men’s most favored look on women’s nails.

TRASHY: Sporting tacky chipped or growing out nail polish on open-toe shoes! There’s no point in wearing a fabulous outfit if your feet and hands are screaming for a mani-pedi! For some men, it just takes one look at nasty feet and you’re off their list--forever!
TASTEFUL: Opt for closed shoes in between salon visits.

TRASHY: Big sexy hair paired with bright glossy lips and a skirt with a high slit worn with a tube top.
TASTEFUL: Learn how to balance your look by mixing daring items with more conservative ones for an added twist and play on your personality by looking naughty and nice at the same time. For example, a short dress with embellished flats; revealing sexy, polished toes; a covered up ensemble with red, sultry lips; or tight leggings with a flowy top.

TRASHY: Getting pissed when people, more so men, give you disgusted and/or malicious stares when you opt to channel Pamela Anderson’s look.
TASTEFUL: Don’t go playing innocent! Hey, you wanted attention, right? You got it, just not the kind you like. Rather than get upset, use this as a wake-up call to reassess your clothing choices. Regardless, whether trashy or tasteful, baring more means getting more attention. So if you hate the dirty looks and extra attention on your cleavage or ass, consult with a friend whose opinion you trust and be willing to adjust for your betterment.

TRASHY: Letting your underwear peek through or wearing the wrong underwear for a certain outfit. (For example, black or printed bra under a white shirt; your breasts keep peeking out from your plunging neckline; not wearing a bra under sheer fabric!)
TASTEFUL: Trends come and go but good taste must always remain. ALWAYS wear proper underwear: nude under white; nipple covers for backless cuts; seamless or thong panties for tight bottoms, etc. Also keep clothes in place with double sided tape so you always look polished and sophisticated, which is very sexy.

Remember: Sexy and skanky are NOT the same!

Getting attention does not entail gaining respect. So before others can learn to respect you, take a look at yourself in the mirror and know that there is only one person you should be trying to impress with your good taste: YOURSELF.
Bottom line, life has an unwritten dress code so learn it by heart if you want to go beyond the velvet rope!

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