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'The entire experience was still nakakapraning.'
Unlike what other people may think, I've always considered working out as a challenging but fun activity. Some people might dread it, but exercising is actually something I look forward to. As a morning person, I love it when I
Build your own gym and get those workouts in!
The pandemic-and the quarantine restrictions that followed-forced all gyms to close down. And in crowded places like Metro Manila, it's not advisable to go out to exercise, even if it's just a short walk around the block. Sure,
Too real!
When it comes to the gym, everyone has their own personal goals and as a result, their individual struggles, lol. Kanya-kanyang strategy lang when it comes to completing their fitness routines. With the new decade upon us, you're probably
Make your cardio quick but effective.
The treadmill is a pretty divisive piece of gym equipment; some people swear by it for their cardio workout, while others couldn't think of anything more uninspiring than pounding that charcoal belt with their feet-left, right, left, right-for
Get everything you can out of your workout sessions!
Getting yourself to the gym is half the battle. The other half is making your time there count. And while, as a general rule, any exercise is good exercise, if you want to ensure your workouts are of optimum effectiveness then a
Use the equipment wisely.
The truth is, gyms can be intimidating. Not only are they packed with super athletic people, they also have a lot of equipment that are slightly confusing. Here's a quick cheat sheet for if you've finally invested in
It looks like Alden has been spending some time at the gym!
It looks like Alden Richards has been spending a lot of time in the gym because he looked fit AF in his latest Instagram post. Alden, who showed off his impressive guns, posted a photo on November 22 and wrote in the
What are your workout essentials?
Do you know anyone who simply strolls out of the office and into a gym to work out? Probably not, and that's because it takes a lot to get in the zone-and we're not just talking about
She's about five months pregnant now!
After sharing her prenatal gym exercises earlier this month, Solenn Heussaff is posting more about her workout routine. About five months pregnant now, Solenn says, "For those asking, I'm still working out because I've always been active. Loving prenatal yoga
Watch Nina crush Zac’s workout!
Zac Efron quietly launched his new YouTube channel on March 30. For his second vlog entry, Zac hit the gym with good friend and actress, Nina Dobrev.According to Zac's video description, Gym Time "is a weekly show where I train
We’re so hitting the gym...tomorrow. Promise.
It's summer, and we're reviewing our body resolutions...while perpetually stalking our #bodygoals pegs. Kelsey Merritt is surely one of them. In as far as fitspirations go, this Victoria's Secret model ranks high on our list.So, when Kelsey
Teamwork makes the dream work!
There's something about working out with friends: it's more fun, you keep each other on track, and of course, you have IG girlfriends to capture all that #fitness #content. Exhibit A: your new favorite fitness squad featuring Kathryn Bernardo, Bea
Four effective ways to focus on shifting fat before you start to tone.
Christmas is great and everything, but then you wake up on January 1st with the crushing realization your jeans don't fit and you can't even comfort eat to cheer yourself up. But let's be honest here:
What better way to sweat it out than at your own home!
For most celebrities, going to the gym is part of their daily routine to look good and feel good.But with their crazy schedules keeping them on-the-go, dropping by the neighborhood gym might be a harder task to achieve every
'I'm grateful for how awesome and amazing I feel on the inside.'
Yesterday, September 20, Maxene Magalona took to Instagram to share about her weight loss journey by posting before and after photos of herself. In her caption, Maxene explained that she's been able to lose 30 lbs in one year with
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The rainy season is officially here which only means working out just became 10 times harder. But! If your fave celebs can do it, you can surely do it, too! For a bit of much needed inspiration, here are a couple of
Enough already.
1. Fat women are new to the gym.I can't even begin to tell you how many times people-gym rats and trainers alike-have come up to me to ask if it was my first time working out at the
It's not that we're trying to put you off going to the gym forever, but if you were looking for an excuse to swap the treadmill for the park, well, we've found one. Turns out that, while all that
You'd better kiss goodbye to all your favorite restaurants.
1. There will always be more than just the two of you. Understand that you are about to embark on a love triangle comprising of you, your boyfriend, and the G word. Yes, that's the gym.2. Lazy Sundays spent together
How to get over your gymtimidation.
One of the biggest reasons most people don't go to the gym is because they feel insecure about being there. There's a lot of anxiety about feeling like you're on display or you're not performing well enough or