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Vibrator masturbation is awesome, but don’t underestimate the greatness of DIY.
You may be finding yourself right now with no partner and copious amounts of free time. Now what? Instead of making sourdough bread or whatever, try the almost Lost Ancient Art of Masturbation Without a Vibrator. Now, not gonna lie, vibrators are
Sure, you’re close with your partner, but you can always get even closer.
If the goal is just to have an orgasm, NBD. You can get there yourself with your hand, a vibrator, or whatever mad-scientist DIY sex toy you rigged up on day 817 of quarantine. And self-wanks are fantastic-keep it
Hey, cramped quarters can be steamy, too, boo.
Everyone is in tight quarters right now, AS YOU KNOW, and some of us are getting OMG, help severely sex-deprived. Everyone's particular unwanted celibacy is its own special thing, but today, we're gonna focus on just one situation: Let'
In case he's not as big as you'd hoped.
Penis size is so relative, really. I mean, obviously some people are packing large and that can be something that's gonna make you swoon, or the kind of large where you actively have to do stuff to ensure you don&#
Who says you gotta take anything off to get it on?
There's a reason strippers don't just stride out on stage buck naked then just stand there eating a banana or something. Clothes, (and/or other sexy accessories we're wearing at the time), and how we remove
There are some things in life that, inevitably, don't last a long time (read: gum flavor, power naps, buffalo chicken pizza slices, etc.). But sex... should not be one of those things. Sure, there's a time and place for a
Your oral upgrade is right this way.
Oral sex is sooooo much more than "foreplay" (a word that probably shouldn't even exist since all sex is sex.) For one, oral sex can be incredible. And since most women do not have an orgasm from penetration alone, oral sex'
Or, you know, for the next morning.
Yay! You survived/thrived your wedding! You took non-lame engagement photos, miraculously kept your rented dress (thrify!) decently clean, and have armored up with some fine-ass lingerie. Now there's the last thing beside the honeymoon (and oh yeah,
Sex positions for the lady-loving ladies in the crowd.
Of all the great stuff about girl-on-girl love, the very best* is that it's not weirdly influenced by tired-ass hetero-normative ideas that--for about a bazillion years (and still a little too much-barf)--dictated what "
Now that everything's cool, it's time to heat things up.
Make-up sex is legend for being super hot-and it is. The shift from negative feelings ("This is so over" "What an ass!" "*sob* I will never love again!" blah blah blah) to the positive rush of making up actually mucks
Single, FWB, long-term lovahs...we got you.
Valentine's Day, Singles Awareness Day, That BS Commercial Holiday-whatever you're celebrating this year, let us be the first to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS, 'cause we are inclusive around here.Second, sex is an excellent way to celebrate the season of
It's an often overlooked sex act, but it shouldn't be!
All hail the unappreciated hand job! Yeah, some people may look at this move as some subpar version of oral or penetrative sex, but that ain't right. Handies have their own sexy thing going on: They're a great
Go ahead, make your own day.
Self-love with your own hand, something from your toy stash or a particularly fetching household object is all kinds of good. It's healthy, teaches you what kind of touch does it for you, and it's sex that&#
Or your partner, if that's your thing.
Bondage is an amazing way to tap into the psychological aspects of sex-the stuff that makes sex sexy, instead of just body parts rubbing each other. Tying someone up, or allowing yourself to be bound, is about trust, uncertainty, submission, creativity,
Because two or three is better than one.
Can you have multiple orgasms? Well...maybe! About 47 percent of women report experiencing more than one orgasm in a row, according to a study by OMGYES, the Indiana University School of Public Health, and the Kinsey Institute.One pro tip that
Work it!
Whether your home gym equipment is well used or just sitting there making you feel guilty, you can easily put it to good use for an "extra" workout. Sure, the calorie burn may be small, but the reward gains will be so
Master this sex staple.
Real talk: Being on top isn't always as easy as it looks. Sure, the old adage that being on top leads to a chance of a better orgasm is def incentive, but sometimes you're just shy! If you're
Just some new variations for when you're in the mood for back door action.
Anal sex is most often portrayed as a doggy-style-only affair, but the truth is, there are so many different ways to do butt stuff. From using a variety of lubes to incorporating foreplay techniques and even throwing in some fun
It's what Father Christmas would want.
Fancy trying out some new sex positions at your Christmas party? Laura Whitaker, Senior Manager at Ann Summers says, "The office Christmas party is the one time of the year when we all let loose and let our hair down with our
Sick of traditional sub-dom roles? We gotchu.
If adhering to traditional gender roles during sex isn't working for you-for a night, for a longer period of time, or for your entire lifetime-behold some inventive ways to hook up with someone who are completely gender fluid. For
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