'I told my mum it was a torch.'
Sex toys are so commonplace these days, and most of us will talk openly about owning them. But this change in attitude doesn't necessarily mean we're up for discussing our vibratory desires with our parents, right?Here, eight
Don't just dive right in there.
Using anal toys for the first time can see a teeny bit scary, and there are definitely some things to keep in mind-both mentally and physically. Often, the reason behind someone having a negative first time experience is because they dive
Learn from the sexperts.
People who sell sex toys get access to top-of-the-line swag for themselves and the people they love (or at least like well enough). Which toy-centered positions do they highly recommend? Let's find out!"The receiver lays
Broaden his horizons.
A cock ring helps him last longer and feel you more intensely, and if you pick one with a some vibration, it will rub against your clit in a most beautiful way. Perch yourself on the edge of a table, legs spread
Is yours accurate?
No matter how good something is, sometimes you just want a little somethin' somethin' to make it even better: ice cream on apple pie, a pair of perfect diamond studs with a chic LBD, or a swipe of metallic gloss for Girls'
Do these things actually work?
It's no surprise guys are drawn to devices promising to make their junk bigger, but if you're trusting your genitals to something you bought on the internet it's important to read the fine print. When it
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