‘I'm going solo lo lo lo lo lo.’
I got my first sex toy when I turned 22. My college roommate got it for me for my birthday. We called it "The Butterfly" because its clit stimulator was shaped like one, but in actuality, my first vibrator was a rabbit.
For when you're feeling fancy.
Sex bucket lists are old fashioned, but so much fun. If you're anything like us, you won't be up for experimental sex every time, but sometimes you're up for doing something a little extra. When the
The best things in life are (almost) free?
Vibrators aka the ~*queen*~ of sex toys (yes, we made this up) are one of life's simplest joys. Knowing where your next orgasm is going to come from is pure bliss, but let's face it, they're
This is for anyone who's ever been intimidated by a couples vibrator. Don't be!
Early versions of couples toys were "one size fits all," which often meant "one size fits barely anyone." But today's next gen toys are flexible and adjust to fit more bodies. You wear them during sex-the idea is to
Including how they can make sex even better.
Nipple suckers are incredibly popular, yet hardly anyone seems to know what they actually do. No judgement here, we only just figured it out ourselves! I mean, we knew nipple clamps were kinda a big deal. But what are nipple suckers and
'I told my mum it was a torch.'
Sex toys are so commonplace these days, and most of us will talk openly about owning them. But this change in attitude doesn't necessarily mean we're up for discussing our vibratory desires with our parents, right?Here, eight
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