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Feeling the need for a pity party for yourself? Add these sad songs to your playlist!
Each BTS member has never been involved in a public romantic relationship since their debut. They did, however, admit to having some tragic experiences in the past. For instance, Yoongi (Suga) confessed he had an ex-girlfriend. He even wrote a painful
Is moving on the same as forgetting?
Betty (not her real name) is taking longer than six months to recover from a fling that lasted just half a year, proof that as Taylor Swift quoted poet Pablo Neruda in her 10-minute film for "All Too Well", love is
Prepare to create more Moments of Alwaysness!
One reason why we listen to music-may it be K-pop or any other genre-is for us to relieve stress and get our much-needed dose of comfort. The music industry is full of talented personalities but it's always
Is this all anyone listened to this weekend? Because same.
Is it 2012 again? Because Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" is making headlines again, as fans continue to speculate about who inspired the song's lyrics.The single from Red was first released in 2012, but after Scooter Braun
Dedicate these tracks to your chingus!
Hello, ARMY! Quick question: What made you fall in love with BTS? For me, it was their song "Run" that had me lining up at 6 a.m. just to score tickets to their concert. I have always admired the group for
Get to know this talented group!
If you haven't checked out VERIVERY yet, this is THE sign you've been waiting for! Hailed as the most-synchronized fourth-generation K-pop boy group, VERIVERY debuted on January 9, 2019, with seven members namely Lee Dongheon, Bae Hoyoung,
It's not what you'd expect.
Harry Styles has been filmed talking about the meaning behind his song "Watermelon Sugar," and he's confirmed that, yes, it's just as NSFW as fans had thought.Appearing on stage in Nashville, Tennessee during his Love on Tour
Another masterpiece from the singer-songwriter couple!
Drop everything because Maris Racal is back with a catchy pop-rock single!"Asa Naman" is a Bisaya-Tagalog track about the feelings of disappointment and hope while waiting for love to show up.A nod to Maris' Bisaya roots, the
Did you sing the lyrics in your head?
It's the month of August so it is only apt that we publish a story dedicated to the queen of quarantine productivity, Taylor Swift. Also, she just revealed the songs that will be released in Taylor's version of
Look into D.O.’s finest vocal moments before d-day!
It's finally coming, the moment that all of us EXO-Ls have been waiting for-EXO's main vocal D.O. (whom I shall address throughout this story as Kyungsoo like what the rest of his fans does) will finally
Legendary tracks from legendary boys.
ICYDK, you can now watch BIGBANG's Made: The Movie on Netflix! So, what better way to ~celebrate~ this than by listing down the boys' *best* songs to hype you up? BIGBANG's diverse discography can go from powerful
'What's the point? Why do I keep doing this?'
Selena Gomez has opened up about her career, saying that she is considering leaving the music industry for good because she is frustrated at not being taken seriously.In an interview with Vogue for their April 2021 issue, Selena spoke about the
She recorded the song 15 years ago!
Heart Evangelista has been one of our fave celebrity pegs here at Cosmo. From putting together fresh and chic outfits, to making multiple earrings look gorgeous, we always find ourselves checking out her grid for *the best* style and beauty inspo. CLICK
Learn why they're called 'Rockstar' and 'Superman.'
Even newbie K-pop stans would have heard of the mega hit "Sorry, Sorry" (it spawned a dance craze so popular, the CPDRC Dancing Inmates of Cebu went viral for their synchronized moves). But if you're wondering why your sibling,
Want to go viral? Start here.
If you want to go viral on TikTok, you need to make sure you're making vids using only the most popular songs on the app. It's just science. I know this because I have a master's
We can't wait to listen to the whole song!
You guys, Elisse Joson was preparing a cool surprise for us while we were all in quarantine. Apparently, she's about to jumpstart her solo singing career! She announced on her IG that she's set to drop her first
It's been a *cruel summer* indeed.
Many parts of the world are still in quarantine to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. So...we asked Cosmo Girls for their music recommendations that just might help us get through this lockdown. Enjoy! "Because...COVID."-Bernadette Yup, the title speaks for
No headphones? Biggg problem.
Let me just say that working out can be a ~struggle~. Sometimes (or all the time) you gotta dig real deep to get yourself on that new yoga routine, or that dreaded treadmill sprint. Finding the motivation can feel literally impossible. So
Only the eagle-eyed will have spotted it!
Harry Styles is back with a force, and his latest album Fine Line has been capturing hearts around the world. Harry dramatically dropped the music video for his new single "Falling" this weekend and, naturally, fans already have a pretty tight theory
BRB, crying rin!
Ben&Ben's latest single, "Sa Susunod Na Habang-buhay," dropped at midnight on February 28! The single talks about a lost love, broken promises, and wishing the other person well even if you're not together anymore. "Hindi ba,