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10 Pinays With Curly And Wavy Hair Share Their Favorite Shampoos

Take note of their favorite formulas!

Shampoo is a divisive subject among curly- and wavy-haired girls because some say you should only wash your hair a few days a week, while others swear by ditching shampoo altogether. But ultimately, it depends on what works and what feels good for your hair. It may be a matter of choosing the right formula, or it could be about the number of times you cleanse your mane and scalp.

If your tresses are on the wavy or curly spectrum and you're looking for a shampoo that can help you manage them, you're in luck. Below, a list of shampoos curly- and wavy-haired Pinays love using! 

  1. Zenutrients Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Shampoo

    "I love this shampoo because it's sulfate- and silicone-free but still has oils (although the ones in this product are considered safe or mild for curly hair). I like it because it doesn't dry out my hair, plus it has tea tree oil that helps manage dandruff. I use it just like I would a regular shampoo: I lather half a palmful then rinse completely. I co-wash (a method that uses conditioner to wash the hair) my hair most days, and I only reach for my shampoo when I feel my hair needs a deeper cleanse.” - Ginyn Noble

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    Price: P249 for 250ml

    Where to buy:, Watsons, SM Megamall

  2. Lush New Shampoo Bar

    "I generally go for wash-and-wear haircuts because I prefer to have a low-maintenance routine. This shampoo bar is one of my usual products. I like how it's zero-waste and can last longer than a bottle of shampoo. I use it with a conditioner every day, and I find that doing this moisturizes and volumizes my hair minus it becoming buhaghag!" - Bridge Atienza

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    Price: P545

    Where to buy: Shangri-La Plaza, Greenbelt 3, Glorietta 4, Power Plant Mall, SM Mall Of Asia

  3. Human Nature Natural Clarifying Shampoo

    "I co-wash and 'squish to condish' my hair (both techniques I learned from the Curly Girl Method) every day, but I use this clarifying shampoo once a week because I commute to work. It really helps get rid of the gunk and buildup caused by exposure to pollution." - Rosas Bernardino

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    Price: P149.75 for 180ml, P289.75 for 400ml

    Where to buy: Watsons, Beauty Bar, Robinsons Supermarket, Rustan's Supermarket

  4. L'Oréal Ever Pure Frizz-Defy Shampoo

    "I prefer to use sulfate-free products because they don't strip away the hair's natural oiIs, leaving behind more moisture for my thick, wavy hair. I take a coin-sized amount of the shampoo and lather it on my wet locks, making sure to massage my scalp before rinsing. I usually wash my tresses three or four times a week because washing too often makes it dry and unruly. I make exceptions when I expose my hair to smoke (commutes, K-BBQ, etc.) or when I break a sweat." - Ning Nuñez

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    Price: P350 for 250ml

    Where to buy: Lazada, Watsons, The SM Store, Robinsons Department Store

  5. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo

    "I use a milk curling lotion daily so I need a shampoo that gets rid of all the deep-seated gunk. Also, I have an oily scalp, so I really have to wash my hair every day or else, my locks will look super greasy." - Karen Pangan

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    Price: P61 for 80ml, P116 for 170ml, P220 for 350ml

    Where to buy: Lazada, Watsons, leading supermarkets and department stores

  6. Zenutrients Argan & Chamomile Restorative Shampoo

    “I love this shampoo because it has a cooling effect on my scalp! I co-wash and 'squish to condish' every day, but I shampoo and deep-condition once a week to keep my hair healthy." - Aia Fajardo

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    Price: P399 for 250ml

    Where to buy:, Watsons, Landmark Department Store, SM North EDSA, SM Mall Of Asia, SM Megamall

  7. Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Matcha + Kale Replenishing Superfood Shampoo

    "I avoid sulfates because I'm allergic to them and they're very drying on my hair. I also avoid silicones because most of them coat the hair strands to make them smoother, but the protective layer they create stops the moisture from penetrating the hair. This shampoo is one of my go-tos. I use it once or twice a week, and I co-wash in between." - Sylvina Lopez

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    Price: P1,640 for 354ml

    Where to buy:

  8. Tesco Extracts Refreshing Shampoo

    "I've yet to find the one shampoo that really meets all my needs (lessens the frizz, adds shine, repairs damaged hair, etc.), but right now I'm using the Tesco Refreshing Shampoo in the Apple & Aloe Vera variant. I usually shampoo my hair every other day (unless it's really hot and I get sweaty), and I ALWAYS have to follow it up with conditioner. My hair can get pretty difficult to comb post-shower without conditioning it." - Shayne Exito

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    Price: P114.75 for 500ml

    Where to buy: SM Supermarket Aura, SM Supermarket Megamall, SM Supermarket North EDSA

  9. Human Nature Natural Moisturizing Shampoo

    "I was looking for a 'cleaner' shampoo, and Human Nature's was an obvious choice because the brand is known for its local organic beauty products. I chose the moisturizing variant because I knew that SLS-free products don't have that luxurious lather. I felt I needed shampoo that offered extra hydration.

    "I like that this shampoo makes my hair feel clean without stripping it of its natural oils. As a general rule, I wash my hair every other day, but I sometimes extend it when the weather is cool or if I just stayed home. I also love the vanilla scent!" - Paulina Paras

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    Price: P144.75 for 180ml, P274.75 for 400ml

    Where to buy: Watsons, Beauty Bar, Robinsons Supermarket, Rustan's Supermarket

  10. Zenutrients Aloe Vera Moisturizing Shampoo

    "I like that this doesn't have silicones, sulfates, and drying alcohol, which aren't really good for curls or waves. It's also light, and it smells really clean and fresh. I use this twice a week since my hair is really thick and prone to product buildup." - Cake Evangelista

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    Price: P249 for 250ml

    Where to buy:, Watsons, select department stores

*Answers have been edited for clarity.

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