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All The Things You Need To Take A Flawless Instagram Photo

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/amyserrano, (RIGHT) Instagram/nadine

Admit it or not, we're always thinking of the 'gram. We want our photos to look double tap-worthy or professional looking. And tbh, what's wrong with wanting to have nice pictures every time, right? To help improve your feed and your profile pics, we created a no-brainer, foolproof guide to taking the best Instagram and Facebook photos. Scroll down to learn lots!

  1. Inspiration/pegs

    The starting point of everything: the inspiration. Look for IG for posts that will teach you ways to project on-cam. You can start with our heaping database of poses here:

    - How to pose with food

    - Basic but winning profile picture ideas

    - Cute ways to pose with coffee

    - How to pose for your birthday pictures

    - How to have cool beach photos

  2. A clear and pretty background

    Before anything else, choose a good spot. It should be free of clutter and the color of the backdrop must not clash with what you're wearing.

  3. Natural lighting

    The sun is the best source of lighting. The best time to take advantage of it is during golden hour (before sunset or sunrise) or noon. But if your lighting options are limited, just use a white illustration board as a reflector. Holding it near your waist will illuminate the shadows you get from fluorescent lighting. 

  4. Flash photography

    If the area is really dark, resort to flash photography. It picks up your highlighter really well, and it just overall looks cool AF. 

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  5. Camera

    Phones are totally okay, but you can level up your photos with a camera. This one is user-friendly and produces sharp images that call for minimal editing. Plus, you can do vlogs with its superb specs!

    Fujifilm XT100, P39,990, Camerahaus

  6. Camera remote

    The secret to ~professional-looking~ selfies are timers and remote triggers! This way, it will seem like someone else took your pic!


    Meike Mil3 Remote Infrared For Nikon, P400, Henry's Professional

    Alternatively, you can use your headphones as a remote shutter for your iPhone.

    iPhone headphones work as remote shutter

  7. Makeup

    Makeup is optional, but if you want to look ~extra~ glam, put on a little foundation, define your brows, curl your lashes, and apply lipstick. Enhancing your natural beauty is enough.

  8. Apps

    Add effects and improve the brightness, exposure, and saturation of your photo right at your fingertips with the help of editing apps like Foodie, VSCO, and Facetune. Selfie apps like Snow and B612 are cool, too!

  9. Attitude

    Confidence is key! Whatever you're feeling will be seen via your facial expression. Make sure to brrrriiiing it!   

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