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Oops! These Skincare Habits Are Actually Making Your Acne *Worse*

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If you've been battling with acne for most of your life, you might consider yourself a ~pro~ at dealing with breakouts and knowing what usually works for your skin condition. Unfortunately, the cause of acne cause isn't always crystal-clear—you can't tell if it's because of your sleeping schedule, your diet, or maybe your environment. 

Fortunately, Liah Yoo, a YouTuber and owner of skincare brand KraveBeauty, made a video about the habits that are *unknowingly* worsening your acne. Keep on reading to find out the things you may need to unlearn:

  1. Over-cleansing the skin.

    Washing your face is no doubt a good practice, but doing it multiple times a day will only cause more damage. This habit will damage your skin barrier, which will lead to *even more* breakouts.

  2. Treating all the areas of the skin equally.

    Not all areas of your skin have the same needs. For example, apply clay mask only on the parts of your face that produce too much oil, such as your T-zone.

  3. Using a full range of anti-acne products.

    It can be exciting to try out new skincare products, especially if they have actives in them—you can't wait to see the good results! But when your face is bombarded with so many zit-zapping ingredients, it may be too much to handle for your complexion, which leads to more breakouts.

    Stick to one to two hardworking products that combat breakouts instead of using a full regimen that's loaded with acne-fighting ingredients. We recommend a pore-refining toner and an oil-controlling serum. Then, go for a gentle cleanser and a gel moisturizer to soothe your complexion.


  4. Neglecting to moisturize oily skin.

    Disregard the belief that you don't need a moisturizer because your complexion is already greasy. You must hydrate your skin to maintain proper oil-moisture balance. Skipping moisturizer will result in excess sebum production.

  5. Applying too much zit cream.

    Acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide *do* work, but Liah recommends giving your skin time to rest and repair itself on its own. We've got a full guide on how to properly use spot treatments here.

  6. Disregarding what your skin really needs.

    No matter what you see on the internet, you *don't* have to copy your favorite YouTuber's complex (and expensive) 10-step regimen. Listen to your skin and only apply what you need for the night.

Watch the rest of Liah's informative video:

10 Skincare Mistakes That Make Your Acne Worse & Sensitize Your Skin!

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