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Beauty Q&A: What Products REALLY Work To Erase Dark Spots On My Face?

Our Style & Beauty columnist Bianca Valerio suggests products that would help solve our reader's skin concern.

Dear Cosmo,

I tried almost all of the whitening face creams in the market to erase my dark spots and improve my uneven skin tone but I'm not satisfied with the results. I want to maintain the smoothness of my skin before I reach my 20s. Any help?


Dear Lea,

Uneven skin tone is a very common skin problem, and although it may take some time to correct, there are several ways to go about it. As for sun spots, you must first understand what they actually are and why they occur.

Contrary to popular belief, sun spots aren't produced by the skin to ruin our skin tone. In layman's terms, imagine sun spots as black umbrellas. Now, when our skin is exposed to the sun's harmful rays or to free radicals, our skin brings out these "black umbrellas" to try and protect our skin from more damage.

Yes, sun spots are actually a biproduct of our skin's efforts to try and protect itself from damage caused by the sun and free radicals. The downside is it leaves a dark and unsightly impression.

Click through the gallery for tips on how to avoid getting these spots and find products that would help effectively correct them when they're already there.

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