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No Lie: These Subtle Behind The Ear Tattoo Designs Are So, So Cute

Plus, they're easy to hide, too. ;)
Behind the ear tattoo designs
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When you plan on finally, finally getting that tattoo you've always wanted, there are a few things you have to consider. Aside from the design, you have to think about is the placement. Since it's your first ink, you most probably want to stick with something that is low-key and easy enough to hide, especially if you work in a strict office.

If you don't want to stick with the ~generic~ areas like the wrist or the inner arm, you might wanna try placing your body art *behind* your ear! It's a place that isn't immediately visible, especially if someone looks at you from the front. You can conceal it even further by letting your hair down!

Interested? Below, we put together everything you need to know about behind the ear tattoos, from the pain level, aftercare, and even some designs for inspiration. Keep on scrolling to learn more:

Are behind the ear tattoos painful?

Okay, we're not gonna lie to you: Behind the ear tattoos are painful. Since there is less fat cushioning the bone in this area, you will really feel the needle sinking into the skin. And because it's near your ear, too, the vibrating and buzzing sounds of the tattoo gun can be unnerving.

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If you go to a professional tattoo artist, you can be sure that you're in good hands. They are trained to be as gentle and light-handed as possible to lessen the pain!

How do I take care of my behind-the-ear tattoo?

When it's time to wash your tattoo, use a mild, unscented soap. Rinse it with cool water and pat your tattoo dry using a clean towel. Then, moisturize the area to prevent any dryness. Scabbing is normal, and it will take about two to four weeks for it to stop. Make sure not to pick at the peeling skin since it will affect the healing process.

While your tattoo is healing, you might want to put your locks in a ponytail or bun if you have long hair to prevent any sweat or oil from reaching the fresh wound. Also, drag your sunscreen all the way to the back of your ear to prevent the colors from fading!

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Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Designs To Try

Ready to find a design for you? Check out 15 of the best ones we spotted on Instagram:

  1. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Rose

    You can't go wrong with a classic, TBH. A rose is a timeless design that will look good on anyone.

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  2. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Doggos

    You can also dedicate your tattoo to your beloved dogs. We recommend going with a line drawing since there's no shading involved!

  3. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Lavender Flower

    This dainty lavender flower tattoo is angled in a way that it follows the natural curve of the ear—very clever.

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  4. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Dreamcatcher

    Your tattoo doesn't have to stay small and hidden. You can choose an intricate design and let it extend down your neck, just like this dreamcatcher ink.

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  5. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Music Notes

    If you're a musician or simply just a big fan of music, you can opt to get some ~notes~ tattooed behind your ear.

  6. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Minimalist Heart

    A heart is another classic design. We love the one below—it's simply pretty.

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  7. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Baby's Breath

    Want a flower tattoo design but you're sick of roses? Go for some dainty baby's breath blooms.

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  8. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Where's Wally?

    The placement of this Where's Wally? This tattoo is very fitting since he's hidden behind the ear.

  9. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Cherry Blossoms

    Missing Japan? Take a little bit of the picturesque country with you wherever you go by choosing a cherry blossom design.

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  10. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Space Baby

    This dainty and delicate celestial-themed tattoo goes well with the girl's moon and star earrings.

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  11. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Piece of Cake

    This rainbow-colored cake slice is oh-so-sweet.

  12. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Floral Heart

    This unique dotted heart with some flowers is a playful take on the classic tattoo design.

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  13. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Rainbow Dots

    These low-key Pride-themed dots does a great job of ~conveying~ your advocacy!

  14. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Scorpion

    If you're a Scorpio, a badass scorpion tattoo is a fitting design for you.

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  15. Best Behind The Ear Tattoo Design: Paw Prints

    Take your dog with you wherever you go by getting some paw prints tattooed on behind your ear.

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