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You Won't Miss Facials Anymore, Thanks To These *Cool* Skincare Tools

When DIY is the way to go.
LED Masks And Facial Devices Price List
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Most of us are still cautious about getting facials because it's impossible to be physically distant from our aesthetician. The pandemic surely has us a bit paranoid for our own safety, which we think is actually a good thing. As much as possible, it's better to stay at home to keep yourself and others from getting exposed to COVID-19. It's normal to still want to face pampered, and lucky for us, there are now devices and products we can use as substitutes for facial treatments.


To help you navigate the world of facial devices, we created a list of ~* skincare gadgets*~ worth trying. Of course, nothing beats in-clinic procedures, but given the sitch, it's always better to stay at home. ;)

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From LED masks (which you've been seeing everywhere) to at-home facial kits, keep scrolling to see your future DIY glow-boosting fixes. 

  1. Jade Roller

    Feel super Zen when you massage your face with a jade roller. This helps relax the facial muscles and reduce puffiness and swelling. For best results, apply a facial oil on your skin or put on a face mask first. On each cheek and the jawline, roll the device sideways, going outwards. Then, using upward motions on the forehead.

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    Jade Roller

    Vesté Jade Roller, P1,000 (mini), P1,550 (big), Vesté.ph

  2. Soié Skin LED Glow Mask

    This celebrity-favorite LED Glow Mask promises to improve skin hydration and elasticity. The different light therapy settings target specific skin concerns: Red for collagen production and skin tightening, amber for brightening, and blue for acne control. 

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    LED Mask

    Soié Skin
    LED Mask, P3,499, Soie Skin Instagram

  3. Lumos Light Therapy Mask

    In case you're wondering LED masks serve as an add-on treatment to make our skincare products work better. The different colors and wavelengths target a specific layer of our skin, and each helps address acne, sagging skin, and dark spots. This one from Lumos promises skin improvement with daily use. Wear this after you've applied all your toner, serum, and moisturizer.

    LED Mask
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    LUMOS Light Therapy Mask, P2,499, By Hey Beautiful Official Shopee Store

  4. Love K-Derma LED Light Mask

    Girl, I'm telling you. This trio is the ultimate pampering experience. This Heart Evangelista-approved LED promises to switch on your complexion's youthful glow. This innovative device comes with 420 multicolored LED lights and seven color treatment levels (!!!) that target skin concerns, help prevent all signs of aging, clears blemishes, and reduces pigmentation. Use it with the Gold Glow Serum (brightening and collagen-boosting) and Glass Skin Activating Gel (lifting and radiance).

    Love K-Derma Gold Glow Serum

    Love K-Derma 
    Gold Glow Serum, P999, Love K-Derma

    Love K-Derma Glass Skin Activating Gel
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    Love K-Derma Glass Skin Activating Gel, P899, Love K-Derma

    Love K-Derma LED Light Mask

    Love K-Derma LED Light Mask, P10,999, Love K-Derma

  5. Love K-Derma LED Face Lift Wand

    If you want to improve facial contour, try this non-invasive skin tightening and lifting device. It has seven different light treatments that do the following: Boosts collagen production, clears hyperpigmentation, brightens uneven skin tone, soothes inflammation, promotes cell metabolism,  treats pimples and fades acne scars, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Love K-Derma LED Face Lift Wand
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    Love K-Derma LED Face Lift Wand, P5,999, Love K-Derma

  6. Luminisce Una from the Luxury Facial Kit

    Bring the complete derma experience to your home with this facial kit from Luminisce. It includes Luminisce Una, a microcurrent device to help exfoliate whiteheads + blackheads and infuse active ingredients into the skin. Each kit comes with medical-grade glow-boosting skincare products: Cleanser, serum, cream, and mask. Get this set if you need a deep-cleansing and hydrating treatment for your face.

    Luminsce Clinic At-Home Luxury Facial Kit

    Luminisce Luxury Facial Kit, P9,550 (good for two uses), Luminisce

  7. Aivee Skin Lift Home Device

    This face massager harnesses the benefits of micro-currents to stimulate collagen production and hi-frequency waves to boost blood circulation. With regular use, you'll notice firmer and more supple skin.

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    Aivee Skin Lift Home Device
    Aivee Clinic

    Aivee Skin Lift Home Device, P9,999, The Aivee Clinic


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