The Products You Need For A Smoother And Brighter Bikini Area

Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and ingrown hair!
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It doesn’t matter whether you've got morena, fair, or medium skin tone, you're not exempted from encountering from discoloration, ingrown hairs, etc. on the bikini area. Keeping it clean and cared for isn’t just to have it looking pretty for that swimsuit you’re going to wear this summer. Year-round care ensures a healthy and aesthetically pleasing vagina. Here’s a rundown of some of the best products to try.

  1. The Happy Organics Foaming Pure Botanical Feminine Wash

    The pubic area is one of the most sensitive spots in the female body. That said, it only makes sense to use hypoallergenic formulas to maintain the vagina’s pH balance. Happy Organics’ all-natural wash is formulated with tea tree extract, deionized water, chamomile, coconut-derived surfactant, microflora enzymes, and calendula oils that will effectively cleanse and nourish the bikini area.

    The Happy Organics Foaming Pure Botanical Feminine Wash, P295, Lazada

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  2. Two Lips Blackout Mask

    Touted as the world’s first-ever mask for your vagina (or vulva), this works great in brightening, soothing, and detoxifying your lady bits. Each vulva mask contains activated charcoal, aloe vera, chamomile, cornflower, elderberry, and ylang ylang. You can get brighter, more moisturized skin in just 15 to 20 minutes of use.

    Two Lips Blackout Mask, P1,280, BeautyMNL

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  3. Beauty Library Feminine Mist in Green Tea 

    Feeling a a bit conscious of the smell downstairs? Try Beauty Library’s Feminine Mist in Green Tea. Its no-rinse formula is enriched with aloe vera, almond oil, green tea scent, and yogurt that all work together to refresh and fight odor-causing bacteria. The best part? It's gynecologically tested and hypoallergenic!

    Beauty Library Feminine Green Tea Mist, P249, Watsons

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  4. Schick Quattro Women Trim Style

    You'll get your money's worth with this gadget. It works as a shaver and trimmer in one to keep your bikini area well groomed. The blades guarantee a close shave so you won't have to worry about nicks and bumps.

    Schick Quattro Women Trim Style, P487, Watsons

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  5. Coochy Intimate After Shave Protection

    Waxing isn’t for everyone and shaving is the quickest solution for de-fuzzing your bikini line. The trouble with shaving is the risk of nicks and ingrown hairs—that’s where Coochy Intimate After Shave Protection works best at. The safe and healthy solution can be applied to the underarms and bikini area to keep them hydrated and super soft. Say goodbye to razor burns, rashes, and other skin irritations.

    Coochy Intimate After Shave Protection, P1,972.41, Lazada

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  6. Human Nature Sunflower Oil

    Pinays are familiar with the miracles of Human Nature’s Sunflower Oil. A known natural brightening agent, Sunflower Oil can function in multiple ways and one such use is to brighten —you guessed it, dark singit and inner thighs! Bonus: This also helps prevent ingrown hairs.

    Human Nature Sunflower Oil, P299.75,

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