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How To Make Your Instagram Feed Look Like It's From An #Aesthetic Y2K Catalog

Think dELiA*s fashion catalog, but make it 2021!
how to create aesthetic y2k fashion catalog for instagram
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/ashleyogarcia, Instagram/delias

We don't know about you. but we're so glad that Y2K trends are becoming ~fashionable~ again. From clay rings to chunky sandals and beaded accessories, we're pumped that the style of the early aughts is making a comeback! Aside from Y2K fashion, one of the things we noticed all over Instagram are the cool, aesthetic catalog-style posts that are gracing the feeds of our fave influencers. Think dELiA*s fashion catalog, but make it 2021!

Ashley Garcia Y2K Instagram aesthetic
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Delia's Y2K Instagram aesthetic
Amy Serrano Y2K Instagram aesthetic
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These aesthetic collages often feature the same person in different poses, and they can choose to leave it like that or add some fun stickers or graphics. While these kinds of photos may look complicated, they're actually quite easy to accomplish—you just need the right apps!

Ahead, check out some short tutorials you can watch so you can prettify your feed ASAP:

How To Make Y2K Aesthetic Photo Collage


This app makes it easier for you to cut the background from your pictures without having to use Photoshop! 

How I Edit My Y2K Photos (pt. 2)

Over App

If you want to create a photobooth-style pic, this is the app that Rachel Gania recommends.



You know those ~trippy~ filters that your influencers love using for their photos? They're all on this app. ;)

2000s aesthetic edit tutorial

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