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6 K-Dramas And Movies To Watch On Netflix, Viu, And YouTube If You Love 'The Penthouse'

Miss the story or the residents of Hera Palace? Fill the void with these shows!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Cheat On Me If You Can/KBS2, Do You Like Brahms?/SBS

There are two types of people who watch The Penthouse. First, those who stop watching after a couple of episodes because the characters make their blood boil. And then there are those who feel the same way, but would still keep on watching anyway. We're pretty sure that you felt empty after season one of The Penthouse ended, and you just want to look for more series with this kind of theme. The good news is: Season two is right around the corner!

While we wait for The Penthouse season two, here's a list of other K-dramas and movies that are similar to it that you can watch on Netflix, Viu, and YouTube:

Cheat on Me If You Can (2020)

Where you can watch it: Viu

Love watching dramas with infidelity as the main theme? Check out this thrilling rom-com featuring Parasite lead actress, Jo Yeo Jeong. She plays the role of Kang Yeo Joo, a best-selling crime story writer. Since cruel murder cases form the plots of her novels, she takes it upon herself to think about ways to kill people. This makes her husband, Han Woo Sung (Go Joon) constantly anxiousespecially since he signed a waiver before they got married that if he cheats, he dies. One of The Penthouse cast members, Kim Young Dae, is the second lead in this drama as Cha Soo HoHe's a mysterious young man who seems like he has stalker tendencies. Will there be a noona romance of sorts? Will the author end up killing her husband? Watch this recently-concluded drama to find out!

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Graceful Friends (2020)

Where you can watch it: Netflix and Viu

Like The Penthouse, this underrated drama revolves around a murder mystery among a group of friends. They've known each other for 20 years, but they realize that despite decades of being together, you will never really know each other's dark secrets. Among the cast members, you'll probably recognize veteran actors like Kim Won Hae (While You Were Sleeping), Kim Hye Eun (Itaewon Class), and Kim Sung Oh (Fight for My Way). It also stars Yoo Jun Sang, who was in another recent drama, The Uncanny Counter.

Do You Like Brahms? (2020)

Where you can watch it: Viu

This K-drama is more of a slow-burn romance with classical music bringing the leads together. It's inspired by the real-life love triangle involving famous musicians, Johannes Brahms, Clara Schumann, and Robert Schumann (Brahms' mentor). In the Korean melodrama, violinist Park Eun Bin plays Chae Seong Ah, while Kim Min Jae (Dr. Romantic) is elite pianist Park Joon Young. They meet as Seong Ah enters a prestigious university, similar to Cheong Ah Art School in The Penthouse.

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My Paparotti (2013)

Where you can watch it: Netflix

Here's a movie with classical music as the main theme. My Paparotti revolves around Jang Ho (Lee Je Hoon), a handsome teenager who grew up as a gang member and has always loved singing. In fact, his childhood idol was the late tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, whom young Jang Ho thought was named "Paparotti." He enrolls in a high school to hopefully hone his talents under the guidance of music teacher Sang Jin, who was played by Dr. Romantic's Teacher Kim, Han Suk Kyu. The mentorship started out rocky and the duo eventually faced various challenges. But their passions and wits become their greatest weapons to overcome them. PSA: Sang Jin’s hair is as weird-looking as Ma-sonsaeng’s wig in The Penthouse.

Beethoven Virus (2008)

Where you can watch it: YouTube

This TV classic was acclaimed as the first drama to show the lives of orchestra members and ordinary people who dream of becoming musicians. The lady of the Hera Palace, Shim Su Ryeon (Lee Ji Ah) wasn't as musically inclined as the Little Hera Club. But in Beethoven Virus, the elegant actress is a violinist named Du Ru Mi who struggles with a hearing condition. She is determined to play her instrument until she physically can't anymore. Of course, like in most K-dramas, this moving story comes with a complicated love story—this one pairs an orchestra conductor and, as random as it gets, a traffic officer. 

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High Society (2018)

Where you can watch it: Netflix

High Society is the perfect movie to watch if you're looking for a more serious depiction of...a high society. It shows more of the corporate politics and power plays, which were also evident in the lives of The Penthouse residents (and social climbers). The charming Soo Ae plays an art gallery curator who supports her husband (Park Hae Il) in his bid for a post in the National Assembly (aka South Korea's legislative body like our own Congress and Senate). Along the way, their determination to go up the ladder, as well as their moral compass, get tested to the extreme. Expect to see steamy scenes aside from the thrilling conflicts—High Society is much more unrestrained compared to the fiery romances in The Penthouse.

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