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10 Foreign TV Shows You Shouldn't Miss On Netflix

Peaky Blinders, Dark, Netflix TV series
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Since the quarantine started, whenever I have free time, one of my go-to hobbies is to binge-watch my favorite shows on Netflix. There are so many shows to choose from, minsan nakaka-overwhelm, LOL. I would always get American TV series, K-dramas, and Pinoy movies as top tier recos, but I also wonder: What other shows are out there? I'm sure ang dami dami ko pang hindi nadi-discover.

Below, girls from our Cosmo Community shared the best foreign TV series they've seen on Netflix. Read on and you might just consider adding these to your watch list!

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"Giri/Haji (Japanese for “Duty/Shame”) is an eight-episode British series that aired in late 2019. It's about a Japanese detective torn between his duty and family as he is sent to London to look for his previously assumed dead brother for being the most wanted Yakuza in Tokyo. When my boyfriend recommended this to me, I thought it was just another crime drama but boy, was I wrong. I binged this at the start of the pandemic and gosh, the series was artistically made with beautiful cinematography. The story reveals much more than what was premised with bits of romance, sense of humor, and the intriguingly darker side of London and Tokyo." -Margot

La Casa De Papel (Money Heist)

"This Spanish drama series is about a criminal mastermind who recruits skillful people to pull off his ambitious plan of robbing a bank. The show really knows how to keep its viewers on their toes. I feel a whole range of emotions in every episode (mostly stress over what's gonna happen next), and there are times when I don't even know whose side I'm on. My favorite part is seeing how both sides outsmart each other really well in a way I wouldn't expect!" -Pat



"This crime series is so cool because it has 16 episodes and is divided into four shows: Criminal: UK, Criminal: Spain, Criminal: Germany, and Criminal: France. Every episode takes place in real time and in an interrogation room. If you love dialogue, this is the best because every minute is intense." -Cezna


"I recommend the German series Dark because it is complex and is suitable for binge-watching. It's a mystery-drama about two children who goes missing in a small German town. If you don’t binge-watch it or skip episodes, you might forget what previously happened—it’s that difficult to comprehend! The series works at different timelines, and the characters are all connected to each other." -Yna


"The best show I’ve watched in recent years is called Borgen. It’s a Danish show about a female prime minister. Sobrang ganda. The actor who plays Euron Greyjoy is actually Pilou Asbæk—this was before his stint in Game Of Thrones." -Liz

Girl From Nowhere

"If you're into dark and crazy shows, I'd recommend the Thai series Girl From Nowhere! It's about this girl who goes to different high schools, exposes their secrets, and teaches them life lessons." -Lily

Peaky Blinders

"Peaky Blinders is about the 1919 Irish gangster family from Birmingham, England. The leader of the gang is the ambitious Thomas Shelby who will do anything to expand and turn their illegal family businesses into a legitimate one. I love all the characters in this British drama series. Everyone has an important role in the story and the actors are really great at portraying them. It is action-packed and well written. The cliffhangers almost always make me fall off my chair every season finale. That's how good it is! Plus, once you've watched Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby, you will never see him in the other shows the same way again! Most importantly, they have strong and independent female characters in a male-dominated story. It is truly empowering to watch them." -Crisanta

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Into The Night

"I recommend Into The Night! It's a Belgian apocalyptic sci-fi drama thriller about passengers and crew onboard a hijacked flight trying to save their lives from a mysterious and destructive cosmic event." -Aerielle

The Duchess

"It's about a single feminist Canadian mom in the UK. Super funny show! Most of the story is based on the lead girl’s life (stand up comedian Katherine Ryan)." -Mar


"If you liked the TV series Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl, I highly recommend that you check out Elite! It's a Spanish thriller and drama series about three working-class teenagers who get a scholarship to attend an exclusive private school. They form friendships with the ~rich kids~ along the way, but relationships are questioned when one of the students in their school gets murdered." -Dani


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