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9 Korean Celebs With YouTube Channels That You Should Subscribe To

K-Drama Celebrities With YouTube Channels
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) YouTube/Record PARK’s/ YouTube/ Just Parkminyoung

As fans, we love it when there are a lot of ways where we can watch our favorite Korean celebs. There’s K-dramas, Korean movies, their ~verified~ social media accounts, and if there’s one platform where we can admire the *real* them, that’s YouTube.


When they’re not busy filming their new projects, shooting magazine covers, or endorsing brands, these K-drama celebs are vlogging their lives: They’re cooking, spending time with their pets, or going on dates with friends. 

Ready to see them in a different light? Here are the Korean actors and actresses with YouTube channels that you should subscribe to:

1. Park Seo Joon

Guess who just reached one million subscribers last June! This just shows how our fave oppa Park Seo Joon is not only loved for his dramas and movies but also for his *super* adorable ~aura~ behind the limelight. His vlogs are mostly dedicated to his bb, Simba, mukbang sessions, or behind-the-scenes happenings at work.

YouTube/Record PARK's

2. Park Min Young

Watch Park Min Young prepare for a bridal shower, cook dinner for her family (she uses a *lot* of garlic like us!), or share her love for crunchy pepper kimchi on her channel! Her office and terrace tour made us want to live her life, but do you know what’s our favorite from her videos? It’s Min Young just chillin’ while driving around the city (and singing K-pop songs!).


YouTube/Just Parkminyoung

3. Ji Chang Wook

The Backstreet Rookie actor started his YouTube channel last year, and already has 38 videos to date (perfect to binge-watch!). Here you can see Ji Chang Wook taking a break during filming, striking a pose for a shoot, and travelling to places we want to visit! He’s just so dreamy! Can we get an amen?


4. IU

If you miss IU and her world-class performances during her concerts, you can reminisce through her channel. Aside from that, there’s a segment called “IU TV” where you can get a glimpse of the K-drama darling post-tour, while she’s doing some ~serious~ online shopping, or celebrating her 12th anniversary in the industry!

YouTube/[IU Official]

5. Lee Hyeri

Our Deok Sun is just as bubbly in real life as she was on Reply 1988! Here, Lee Hyeri shares how she spends her day with her friends (like with her K-pop group Girls’ Day), babysitting a bb, or chopping her locks which she’s grown for five years. She also vlogged about the first time she got a piercing—at 27 years old, lol!

6. Yoon Eun Hye

We missed the Coffee Prince’s Yoon Eun Hye on dramas big-time, but there’s no more room for sadness because we can finally get to see more of her on YouTube! We enjoyed watching her house tour, morning routine, and when she ~met~ Gong Yoo oppa! You’ll also have fun watching her “What’s in my bag?” vlog, because she has a looooot of things inside, haha!

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7. Ahn Bo Hyun

Itaewon ClassAhn Bo Hyun sure loves working out, as seen on his YouTube channel. He’s also into traveling (especially when it comes to camping) and playing the guitar. You have to watch his Q&A clip, where he answers questions from his fans!

YouTube/Bravo Hyun

8. Shin Se Kyung

With an average of one million views per video, Shin Se Kyung’s YouTube channel is indeed popular! In a magazine interview, the actress explained her reason for creating her vlogs: “There are many reasons. I really like cooking on a regular basis, so I wanted to record those [moments], and I thought it was a way to naturally show fans my everyday life during my breaks.” A quick look at her vids and you will already get hungry just by watching her cook, no kidding.


9. Park Jin Joo

You already know Park Jin Joo in her roles in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, Hotel Del Luna, and While You Were Sleeping, but did you know that she’s also active on YouTube? She launched her channel five months ago, and she has been uploading vlogs about her daily life and song covers! Yup, she’s not only good in acting, but also in singing. Just watch this vid with almost two million views:



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