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8 Must-Watch Shows Starring Park Hyung Sik (2021 Update)

PHOTO: (left to right) kbs2/suits, jtbc/strong woman do bong soon

Did you know that Park Hyung Sik actually got his start in the South Korean entertainment industry as an idol? In 2010, the talented singer debuted as a member of K-pop group ZE:A.

He juggled his music career with small cameos in shows like Dummy Mommy and Sirius, as well as theatrical roles such as the musical Temptation Of Wolves. He has since come into his own as an actor, making audiences swoon and fall in love with lead roles in some of your fave K-dramas!

In June 2019, Hyung Sik stepped away from the spotlight and enlisted in the military. On January 4, 2021, he was officially discharged from service, and we're already looking forward to his future projects! 

Here, a list of all the must-watch K-dramas and shows starring the adorable Park Hyung Sik:

Early Projects

1. Nine: Nine Time Travels (2013)

Where to watch it: Viu

The plot: This sci-fi romance centers on a man, Park Sun Woo (Lee Jin Wook), who stumbles on nine magical incense sticks that give him the ability to travel 20 years in the past and change his life. In this series, Park Hyung Sik plays the younger version of Park Sun Woo.


2. Real Men (2013)

Where to watch it: YouTube

The plot: Park Hyung Sik began to gain wider recognition in 2013, partly thanks to his participation in the reality show, Real Men. The series follows eight male celebrities during their mandatory military enlistment. He was so popular on the show that viewers nicknamed him "baby soldier."

3. The Heirs (2013)

Where to watch it: Netflix, Viu

The plot: Also known as The Inheritors, this hit drama follows a group of wealthy students in an elite high school who are being groomed to take over their family businesses. Although the show primarily stars Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Kim Woo Bin, Park Hyung Sik plays the supporting role of Myung Soo, who doesn't care for money or prestige despite his wealth. (Read: Miss The Cast Of 'The Heirs'? Here's What They're Up To Now)

4. What Happens To My Family? (2014)

Where to watch it: YouTube

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The plot: This long-running drama centers on a single father and widower struggling to connect with his three children. After he is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he resolves to build a better relationship with them. Park Hyung Sik plays the youngest son, Dal Bong, a drifter who believes nothing goes right for him.

5. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016)

Where to watch it: Netflix, Viu

The plot: After a supporting role in 2015's High Society, Park Hyung Sik went to star in the historical drama, Hwarang, alongside Park Seo Joon, Go Ara, SHINee's Minho, Do Ji Han, Jo Yoon Woo, and BTSV. Hyung Sik plays a young king who dreams of taking the throne but is forced to go into hiding because of assassination attempts on his life. He secretly becomes a hwarang, an elite group of men tasked to protect the kingdom. (Read:  Everything You Need To Know About Park Seo Joon's 'Wooga Squad')


Recent Projects

6. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

Where to watch it: Netflix, Viu

The plot: Park Hyung Sik's next role would prove to be one of the highest-rated dramas in Korean cable history, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. In this series, he portrays Min Hyuk, the spoiled and arrogant CEO of a successful gaming company. After receiving anonymous death threats, he hires a woman with superhuman strength (Park Bo Young) as his bodyguard. (Read: Why You *Need* To Watch 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon')

7. Suits (2018)

Where to watch it: Netflix, Viu

The plot: Based on the long-running American legal drama of the same name, Suits centers on a legendary lawyer (Jang Dong Gun) who hires a young and talented genius (Park Hyung Sik) without a law degree. The remake is currently airing and enjoying high ratings in Korea.

Upcoming Projects

8. Happiness (coming soon)

The plot: Park Hyung Sik's first project following his military discharge is Happiness, an apocalyptic city thriller drama. According to Soompi, Happiness is set "in the near future within an apartment that is stratified by social standing. The high-rise apartment housing diverse people becomes sealed off when a new infectious disease emerges, and the drama will depict the fear, fierce psychological battle, and desperate struggle for survival." Hyung Sik takes the lead role of Jung Yi Hyun, an intelligent and honest violent crimes detective. Happiness co-stars Han Hyo Joo and Jo Woo Jin and started filming in March 2021.


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