Here's What The Cast Of 'Hwarang' Is Up To Now

Missing the flower boys of 'Hwarang'? We've got the latest updates!
PHOTO: Hwarang/KBS2, The Divine Fury/Lotte Entertainment, Instagram/phs1116

It's been more than two years since Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth aired on TV. Set amidst the political strife of the Shilla Kingdom, the Korean drama centers on a select group of hwarang (flowering knights or warriors with looks that rival the beauty of flowers) and their adventures. This historical romantic-drama charmed its way into fan hearts because of its star-studded cast. Read on to catch up with your faves!

Park Seo Joon

It's been a busy year for swoon-worthy Park Seo Joon, who played heroic warrior Sun Woo. After starring alongside Park Min Young in the 2018 K-drama What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? (their onscreen chemistry ignited intense dating rumors—which both stars clearly denied!), Seo Joon sharpened his acting chops with the action horror film The Divine Fury. In it, he plays an MMA fighter who gains divine power and partners with a priest to battle evil forces.

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A string of global endorsements for brands like Tirtir, Bibigo, Mont Blanc, and Bench have also been on this leading man's radar. Fans are still recovering from seeing him in the flesh during his Bench Manila fan meeting in September. The great news is that oppa will be making a small and big screen comeback soon! It's been confirmed that he will be headlining webtoon-inspired K-drama Itaewon Class and sports movie Dream. Both projects are scheduled for release in 2020.

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Park Hyung Sik

Triple threat hottie Park Hyun Sik played hidden king, Sammaekjong, who was forced to go in hiding and secretly become a hwarang. Due to his enlistment into the military police department of the Capital Defense Command in June, fans will have to wait two years to see him again.

In an interview, Hyung Sik revealed that he received a lot of praise for his shooting skills on the set of K-variety show Real Men. The exposure and experience he gained from the show cemented his decision to serve at the Capital Defense Command. Before entering the army, Hyung Sik completed his big-screen debut by starring in legal drama Juror 8.

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Choi Min Ho

Hwarang's aristocrat playboy, Kim Soo Ho, was played by K-pop star Choi Min Ho, who debuted as a member of boy group SHINee in 2008. During the first quarter of this year, Min Ho prepared for his military enlistment by meeting his fans through a series of fan meetings in Seoul, Bangkok, and Taipei. His debut solo single "I'm Home," was released through SM Station, SM Entertainment's digital music channel, in March. On April 15 this year, he joined the Marine Corps. SHINee fans await his army discharge in November 2020.

Kim Tae Hyung/V

Kim Tae Hyung (also known as V from BTS) made his acting debut through Hwarang as Suk Han Sung, the youngest among the hwarang warriors. The warmth and innocence he brought to his character added a breath of fresh air to the drama.

As a vocalist for supergroup BTS, V's influence on the world has increased tenfold. In January this year, he released his first solo track entitled "Scenery." The ballad earned a lot of positive attention and was followed by another release seven months after, "Winter Bear," which is V's first English song.

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During his time off in August, V went on a fishing trip with friends Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, and Peakboy. Netizens were super stoked to see the close friendship between V and Seo Joon, who hit it off as friends, along with Park Hyung Sik, during the filming of Hwarang.


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V is currently busy with BTS activities. Their latest being the completion of their BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Do Ji Han

Known for his role as cold-blooded aristocrat Park Ban Ryu, Do Ji Han starred in romantic drama Lovers in Bloom a year after Hwarang aired. Fans were surprised when they found out he enlisted as an active duty soldier in December last year.

Jo Yoon Woo

Model and actor Jo Yoon Woo caught viewer attention as the gender-neutral Kim Yeo Wool. His onscreen chemistry with V gained bromance fan approval the world over. In addition to modeling gigs, Yoon Woo also bagged a supporting role in the 2017 series Band of Sisters.

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