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10 Short K-Dramas To Binge-Watch After Work

Too lazy to go through days and days of long K-dramas? We got you covered!
Must-watch short K-dramas and web series
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Admit it: we all love our K-dramas. Sometimes, a little too much. Because of our attachment to them, we spend days and nights marathoning 60 to 70-minute episodes that seem to go on forever. And ngl, it could get slightly exhausting with all those sleepless nights.

Thankfully, there are options that are shorter than the length of your typical K-drama, be it lesser episodes or a shorter running time per episode! Watching these dramas and series wouldn’t be as tiring (you can finish it in a couple of hours or even less), and you’d still get that gratifying feeling after completing a show. Here are some web dramas and short K-series that are short but sweet, which you can binge-watch after work.

Korean Web Series And Short K-Dramas

1. Queen Of The Ring (2017)

What if the most popular and good-looking guy in your school suddenly starts paying attention to you after you’re given a magical family heirloom? This is the main premise behind Queen Of The Ring, which plays around with the average girl x cute guy romance trope. It’s six episodes long, with the main character beginning to question whether this guy is beginning to fall for the real her, or just the illusion that her magic ring gives off. Though short, this series is satisfying enough as other series of regular K-drama length.


2. Be Positive (2016)

Produced by Samsung, this brief six-episode web drama follows a college student majoring in film, played by none other than EXO’s Do Kyungsoo. His script is awarded a prize but he continues to struggle with getting the funds and other means to produce his film project. Things also get steamy and even more chaotic when he brings in his ex-girlfriend (Chae Seo Jin) to play the leading character. Even if the series is very light, fans consider this one of Kyungsoo’s most unique roles, since he gets to show his comedy chops here—a must-watch for EXO-Ls!

3. 7 First Kisses (2016)

Okay, I know this entire web series is basically just one huge ad for the Lotte Duty Free shops, but it’s just too star-studded to ignore. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch something that has Lee Jong Suk, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho, and other gorgeous Korean celebrities on one show?! 7 First Kisses follows a Lotte Duty Free employee who’s never been in a relationship before, and she gets to pick from seven stunning men thanks to the help of the goddess of dating. It’s a quick, eight-episode series that’s full of fanservice and cheesy K-drama tropes, but it gets the kilig job done.

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4. Splash, Splash, Love (2015)

There is a handful of time travel and Joseon-era K-dramas out there, but Splash, Splash, Love is probably one of the best thanks to its comedy and all-around wholesomeness. Kim Seulgi portrays a high school student who transports herself into the Joseon era when she stumbles into a puddle. There, she meets King Lee Do and teaches him math and science while disguised as a eunuch. Hilarity ensues thanks to great performances and chemistry between the lead actress and HIGHLIGHT’s Yoon Doojoon. Because this two-episode drama is so good, you’ll definitely be wishing that it was longer.

5. The Boy Next Door (2017)

Want a comedy and slice-of-life drama? Give The Boy Next Door a chance, which tells the story of two neighbors with slightly humorous, unintentional (and even romantic) tension. Because of certain circumstances, both of these boys end up living together, leading up to even more hilarious situations that don’t seem like what they actually are. BL drama watchers would probably love this one! Another bonus: this stars Parasite’s Choi Woo Shik, whose comedic timing along with fellow actor Jang Ki Yong is just perfect!


6. Wednesday 3:30 PM (2017)

Ah, yes, the fake dating cliche—who doesn’t love it? Wednesday 3:30 PM follows a girl (Jin Ki Joo) who is tragically dumped by her long-time boyfriend. She launches a plot to get him back by making him jealous and fabricating social media posts with another guy, who just so happens to be her very, very good-looking childhood best friend (Lee Hongbin, formerly from VIXX). She puts up posts every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m (hence the title) and sparks begin to fly when the pair starts to live together under the same roof.

7. Page Turner (2016)

This three-episode special from KBS mixes drama, comedy, romance, and music all in a quaint but sweet package. Starring Kim So HyunJi Soo, and Shin Jae Ha, Page Turner revolves around a piano prodigy who abruptly goes blind after an accident. She gets herself back on track with the help of her fellow classmates, including a school rival whom she’s been competing with for the longest time. It’s an interesting look into the world of piano students, and has a love triangle that you can immerse yourself in as well! The special was a hit in South Korea and was watched by hundreds of thousands of people when it aired.


8. The Witch’s Diner (2021)

Looking for a newer drama to watch? The Witch’s Diner actually just finished this August! It follows a mysterious restaurant visited by people in need of desperate help that only magic can solve, and the strange employees that run the establishment. Dark fantasy lovers will adore this one! And, if you’re on a high from Nevertheless, and want some more of sweet Chae Jong Hyeop in your life, this series is a must-watch. Though the drama is a bit longer than the ones on the list, with the usual 40-50 minutes per episode, it has only eight episodes under its roster, so you’ll be able to still finish it in less than a day!

9. Love Playlist (2017)

If you’re familiar with the world of Korean web dramas and series, then you definitely know that Love Playlist is one of the genre’s staples! It consisted of five-minute episodes, four seasons, and ran from 2017 to 2019. The plot is simple and centers around a group of college students as they go through the woes and joys of life, from school stress to dating. It’s a light slice-of-life web drama that’ll make you want to watch episode after episode since each one is so short! Then you’ll eventually understand why this web drama was such a success in South Korea.


10. Sweet Revenge (2017)

Sweet Revenge is basically Death Note, but make it K-drama and 10 times more PG-friendly. Here, a young student stumbles upon a new app on her phone that says that she can take revenge on anyone she wants as long as she writes their name on it. Chaos ensues when she attempts to go after the bullies in her high school, and finds herself in even more heat when she gets herself in a love triangle with the new brothers who moved into town. This drama was also popular with ASTRO stans since Cha Eun Woo is in it as well!


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